Welcome to my blog

Hello Reader, How are you? Good, Great! My name is Billie, I am an anxiety sufferer who struggles with everyday social interactions, and I can’t talk to strangers without embarrassing myself and those around me. I struggle talking to people unless I’m close to them; this blog is me trying to be heard.

I enjoy make up, movies and food. I am a creative chef and I’m obsessed with making food as healthy as I can although I do enjoy making lots of desserts. I love giving myself challenges with make-up and trying new products. This blog is about sharing all of my creative ideas and outlets while proving just because I haven’t got a voice that will be heard by the crowd, I can still share my words.

I love, love, love all things internetty! (Yes, internetty can be a word, it’s a made up word but I think that still counts).  I have a spoiled little pug and a passion for all things adorable.

So please join me in exploring the world, through the words of an awkward and inspired girl.


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