Personally I love baking; there is a slow thrill of it. If you’re like me you’ll make the maximum amount of mistakes and still make a cake. As a team of me and my boyfriend, Tom, we are very bounteous in errors and mess. It’s like a whirlwind has passed through my kitchen and destroyed everything in its path and left a cake as an apology.

But the chaos is worth it! After curdling cream and accidently making dough instead of a cake it came together. All the messy mistakes and stress passed over and the final product was not half bad.
2 cakes were made the first is a stunning chocolate marble cake and the second is a honey and dog biscuit cake for my pug. We had to make these cakes because it’s my pug’s 1st birthday party on Sunday and everything has to go well.

Yes, I know a party for a pug is a tad out of the ordinary but I’m from a kind of eccentric family and my mom insisted. We’re doing a buffet for both human and canine, there will be party hats.
While my mother thinks this is a great idea, I feel like it will get tedious if we do this every year however I am thoroughly exited for the party – or exited for the alcohol which I won’t have to pay for –it should be fun!

What are your opinions? Do you think a pug party is crazy or is it a good idea? Would you like a chocolate marble cake recipe?





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