How to do everyday, natural make up


Lets try a make up tutorial! This is how I do my make up just for casual things like; college, visiting friends or heavy day drinking. I apologise that I don’t use correct tools or techniques, but what I do works so please don’t fault me!

Start off with a clean face and tie your hair back, apply primer if that is something you do, and get your concealer, see how happy I look with mine, its because I’m about to stop looking gross on the internet! Get your concealer and dot on blemishes or dark/red patches. Dot, dot dot.Image

Then get a brush and rub the concealer in, then if you use powder – use that! this will set the concealer and then help set foundation when applied, also it makes your face look smooth and even.ImageThen we try to contour, this is something I still haven’t mastered, I apply under my cheek bones, on my chin and on the sides of my nose, then I use blusher on my cheek bones.Imageonce you have achieved the right look, or tanned if your not a great contour-er like me, then you will get your foundation an use a brush then splodge it around your face then mix it in. Now we do eye brows, select a natural colour from a palette then from the start of your brow start to shade it in, follow the arch of your brow until a natural look is achieved.ImageEye time, select three colours, this is a smokey brown style what I’m trying to do. start with the lightest colour and colour every where in, then with the second, the medium colour you apply in the middle to the end of your eye, keep applying until there’s a difference in the two colours and blend. finally we use our darkest colour from the corner of your eye and cover the crease your eye.ImageOooh, it definitely looks like something. wow. Then put lip gloss or lip stick on, its up to you,
ImageAnd last but not least mascara, you probably know how to do this, but if you don’t know how, its like your brushing your eye lash hairs but you can’t get your eye lid or your eye, that would hurt.
ImageOoh wow, Yep. This is a thing. What do you think? Is there anything else you’d like me to try and teach you? Image


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