Summer must haves for 2014

If you’re like me you’ll have been trying to figure out what your summer must haves are, and although I don’t have all the answers I have some, which are ingenious and fashionable.

First most you’ll need sun cream – for the obvious reason so you can have the traditional sticky summer feeling while looking after to your skin. Duh.

Secondly you’ll need the ultimate summer shoes – Jelly shoes they are comfortable, nostalgic and practical if you live anywhere but England. I got mine from Ark I’ve got a pair of black glittery jellies that cost £10.99 and then I got some clear healed jellies that cost me £16.99. They are fabulous. Also they make me taller which is great if your 5ft1 like me. I can’t reach many shelves in my house which has resulted in me drinking alcohol from mugs…


And, you need a cool hat. This will make you look more beautiful than you can actually understand. Take mine as and example have you ever seen anything so glamorous? They also keep the sun off of your face…




And finally you’ll need a large coat because I live in England and our summers literally last like 2 weeks. I’m mostly joking – you’ll probably need some sunlight, no offense babe, you’re looking a tad pale. Says the girl who physically can’t get a tan…


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