Hollywood lashes and why I hate them

Something that I see a lot that other lifestyle and beauty bloggers do is share anecdotes, fun little stories about their life. So after a while of consideration I decided that I’m a clumsy individual who’s entire existence had been a series of pitfalls, obviously this means I probably have something to share. Funny thing is after writing this far, to be exact, I hit a writer’s block…

And after twenty minutes of thinking I decided to go through my facebook, surely I must have posted something dumb or funny I did a while back, and I found one from the time I decided to splash out and pay for Hollywood Lashes. A tag from my sister mocking me, keep reading then you’ll understand!

My stunningly amazing long eye lashes lasted me a week of the 12 week guarantee, and for the first three days I loved them.  I spent £30 on them, they took two hours to do and they were nice but the trouble started before they were on.
I was laying there on a lovely soft bed type thing, 100% relaxed. The beautician was carefully placing on my new eyelashes while I relaxed. The more I relaxed the more sleepy I got and after 10 minutes I was gone. Which is fine a perfectly normal thing to do. Except I talk in my sleepy. I have no recollection of what I said or could have shared. All I know when they was done the beautician was been particularly awkward with me; she wouldn’t ask me things or make eye contact. So I can definitely say it was something that I don’t want to remember.

Then when I got home, I went to show my younger sister them, who thought it would be a good idea to ask me to lean closer to her. I should have expected a prank, but I didn’t.
I leant in one eye closed the other wide open and I got closer she decided to poke me in the eye. OUCH! I couldn’t believe it. I had a poorly eye and lost some of my brand new eyelashes. Fuming was an understatement.

Day 6 of eyelashes, eczema strikes. My face decided to get eczema more specifically my eye area, which caused me to rub my eyes – a lot – all my eyelashes fell excluding 6 which clung on for the dear life. I had to pluck them out just to not look weird. By the seventh day they were gone for good!

I absolutely hated my entire experience with Hollywood lashes, but I can’t give them a bad review, they were lovely. The only reason I hated them was due to circumstance. As usual things just didn’t work out for me. Maybe it’s just meant to be this way.


One thought on “Hollywood lashes and why I hate them

  1. I heard from a few people how brutal of an experience they had from putting false lashes. One of my girlfriends got addicted and had to stop because her real lashes were basically all gone to. You’re not alone !


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