How to gain a vague idea of how to start a blog. Vaguely.

As a new blogger, I’ve hit lots of bumps in my road to setting up my blog. I’ve had so much trouble finding a direction to head in, whether it was finding a domain name to what my brand would be – I have too many ideas for my own good – It has all being very over whelming.  After endless hours of researching blogs, domains and brands – I’ve found the best solution for me!

The first bump in the road was do I want to host my own website, which I had to seriously think about. You MUST consider three things if you decide to do this.

1, How serious are you? Are you willing to pay money out and get no views?

2, Is this just a phase you want to go through or will you carry on?

3, Do you already have an idea you want to put across? Is it already being done?

After considering this I personally thought to myself, I don’t know yet? How should I know if I’m serious about this?
This got me thinking about ways to try blogging for free, then after minutes of searching I discovered a little – major – thing called, and I had so many options, I could have a free account, to manage and explore all my possibilities or I could pay for account and possibly one day create a future from and make a blog into a career! But there is an amazing third option in which I can find myself with in and make my decisions and that is to make a free account try it out and then as I progress, if I gain lots of views and subscribers to then get a paid account and this for me is absolutely perfect.

My next bump was giving myself a brand, what would I blog about and I decided I should vary my blog. I can have an array of articles because I’m good at lots of things! Who isn’t?  no one is just good at one thing! Everybody is good at a range of things, look at me; I can cook really well, I’m decent at make-up and I probably am the definition of mental disorders. Why can’t I share all of my knowledge with anyone who is interested?  Because I can, and you can, why wouldn’t you share your knowledge with the world? As I say “life is a lesson”. The cheese is strong in this one…

Are you starting out as a new blogger? I’d love to check out your pages, please leave links in the description!


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