E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation Review.

Hello reader long time no blog, how are you? I’m not too good, I spent my week being ill, yay! Then ending up in hospital, even more yay! I’ve not bothered trying to look half decent at all this week, I’m talking about tracksuits and pyjamas being the standard! But I’m home now – still not well but my painkillers are strong and keeping me going. I’ve spent all my first day home looking poo and now at 21:46 I cannot take it any more, so I’m trying out my new foundation for you all.


Its E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation, in porcelain. It feels fantastic on my skin, not oily or dry. Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all (this is reminding my of The Simpsons, please reread that sentence in Ned Flanders voice, thanks). Which you don’t always get sometimes you can feel  the foundation on your skin.
It also has great coverage, I’ve not been sleeping too much while in hospital and I developed bags under my eye and this product covered it perfectly, Good job guys.
My only flaw is not the products problem, I’m too pale and it makes me look a little orangey. Not as bad as other products I’ve tried however my search for a perfect foundation will have to keep going.
I will be wearing this for a while, until I run out and start another mission.


I actually really like this product, If only they would bring out lighter shades. (hint, hint. Elf).

Does anyone have any suggestions for pale foundations?


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