I am Billie is Sheffield based blogger whose blog has recently started gaining more views and interest. Due to this influx in blogging requirement I have decided to put this disclaimer together for my own future reference.

– Reviews will always be written from my personal experience of the product, even if it is a sponsored post as I will always have creative content.
– Every item will be clearly marked at the bottom of my post and will have an * around the item(s), even if ASA Guidelines say I don’t technically have to, this is how I run my website and I am completely transparent with my readers.
– If I do not like a product, have a reaction or if it isn’t fit for my personal use and do not see it making good content, even as a negative review, I can and will choose to not feature it at all. 
– Depending on the product, I do charge for reviews, prices will be reasonable and will vary.
– I do run giveaways but I only give items away that I have personally used myself and can fully recommend. Exclusions apply.
– Content is not available to be checked or pre-approved before posting, not even if sponsored, as I have full creative control.

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