My skincare routine.

I enjoy going down town as much as anybody, although I don’t go as often as most eighteen year olds do. However when I go, I go! I get dolled up, put on my best dress and my heels (I blatantly just lied to you, I can’t walk in heels). I love feeling pretty, mainly I love playing with makeup, but towns a good reason to try to do my make up nicely. This particular night I am intending to write about is my new friend and pugs girlfriends’ momma, Danielle. It’s her hen night! Yay! Penis straws and cocktails galore! We went cocktail making at Revolución de Cuba. This is a blog for another day. Calm down.  This blog is about how to not get bad skin after wearing lots and lots of make up also for looking after skin during the summer ! Which I had time to do the same night as the hen night! I had to leave early due to my illness causing an agonising tummy ache. Pity me?

Oh look here’s a picture of all the things you’ll need and some accidental Marc Jacobs and Little Mermaid product placement. As you can see I mainly use Boots cucumber facial products this is because it’s good for all skin types and I suffer from eczema on my face, this product doesn’t irritate or inflame my skin.


Start off by washing your face and patting yourself dry (you pat so you don’t irritate your skin, rubbing causes redness).I recommend using a tea tree face wash if you are spotty or a cleansing one if you have patchy and dry skin like me. Once clean you should remove any remaining make up with makeup remover. I always have trouble washing off my eye makeups. Your face must become a plain canvas once again.


Once the face is dry I recommend using a clay face mask, this makes your face feel refreshed once it comes off s. First there is a lovely wait for it to set, on mine I had to wait 3 minutes. I used this time to terrorise my pug by holding him to the mirror and repeatedly telling him that he is the prettiest pug in the land… but you can do what you want with this time. Once the mask has set wash your face again with cool water to relax your pores.


Next get a cotton ball and rub a toner all around your face, this gets rid of any stubborn or hidden make up that you might have missed and slightly evens out your skin i.e. blends in red patches. Now you can put on any eye creams you have which will prevent dark circles when you wake up the next morning with your excruciating hang over. I always put a little bit of lip balm on so my lips don’t dry out from my alcohol induced dehydrated state. Finally I moisturise. Simples.



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