Hen Nights and Revolución de Cuba

I recently went to Revolución de Cuba as a hen night for one of my Pug Momma friends, Danielle, who I know because she is good friends with my mom. The beautiful bride to be arranged for us all to go cocktail making which was amazingly fun! As a keen drinker who doesn’t have much of a social life, classes like this are very important to me, I will be using what I learned at home to make lovely drinks which I will enjoy in solitude. What, I’m not lonely…

The teacher was a proper trooper and wore one of our hen night sashes we gave him and tolerated all the penis straws which were artistically placed into all of the drinks he created. He taught us lots of drinks we can make at home, you can expect my next few recipes being based upon on those drinks. We played games, the one I got to play I was partnered with my mother whom was already tipsy and proved to be a horrific teammate. She was blind folded and I had to guide her to ingredients to make a Tiki zombie drink. Consequently my mother couldn’t understand pouring things into the cups. We ended up cheating and I made it all. It was lovely. Very fruity and refreshing.

Then I was allowed to make a drink of my choice, this was my only proper alcoholic drink of the evening and I wanted something good! I chose to have a strawberry margarita, it was yummy! Although I accidentally made it too strong for what I can have with my medication therefore I had to swap it with my lovely friend Filomena’s strawberry daiquiri. Which was also beautiful but after a while I started to get ill again and I couldn’t drink anymore. Daring Filomena combined the two drinks to make herself the ultimate cocktail!

So there were thirteen of us in this class, so it was obviously going to be chaotic when trying drinks. By the time our creation was passed back to me it was empty. This completely broke my heart. I stopped caring once the food came, we had nachos and quesadillas. Beautiful! However I have been ill and since I got ill my entire taste buds have changed, so when I tried the mild salsa that came with the nachos, my mouth was on fire! I once used to be a connoisseur of chillies. But never mind. The quesadillas were delicious, the only flaw wasthat there wasn’t enough, I could of eaten at least 100 more. They were so good!

We stayed in the bar for a while longer although I wasn’t drinking anything but diet coke and water, everybody else continued to drink and then concocted plans to go to other bars, then night clubs. Unfortunately poorly old me, I couldn’t hack it and got a taxi home leaving the fun behind.

It was a great night, when I’m recovered, I will definitely go there again. Also I wish the lovely bride to be and her future groom the best of luck and I hope she had a great night!


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