May Favourites

Okay so it is a few days into June and I think it’s time to assess my May. So for you dear reader I would like to share my monthly favourites! Yes I know I am jumping on the blogger tradition bandwagon here but it’s a fun thing to do and gives you, the reader a chance to know me better!

TV Shows:
The Island with Bear Grylls has quickly become my favourite TV show. I love seeing how we the modern day human cope by being sent to an island with nothing but a one day survival course, some knives and cameras, I think it is absolutely amazing! I Can’t wait for season 2!


I also have caught up with the rest of world and started watching Game of thrones. I’m two seasons in no spoilers please.

I’ve been to see Xmen: Days of Future Past and oh my god! It was amazing, I love all marvel movies and most importantly I love Hugh Jackman (don’t tell my boyfriend…) but you have to appreciate the beauty of what is Jennifer Lawrence. Isn’t she fabulous? I love everything about this film, I recommend this to everybody. Go see it! The story, the acting and the effects are amazing.


Make up:
As you know I recently ordered some make up from E.L.F and I did a review of the foundation. I also got some Translucent Matifying Powder and I love it! It is so light on your skin, and gets rid of any shininess. This product it the ultimate finishing to any look.


My favourite is a new youtuber and an not so new blogger, I’m obviously on about the beautiful Kerry Provenzano. You can find this beauty blogger on YouTube by searching for Kerralina haul’ or you can find her by clicking these links!

I have really high hopes for a blog that a friend of mine has started, She has only done a couple of posts but I have high expectations of her and I expect her to become a very popular blogger. I am on about Hannah from

Nick Nacks:
My Yankee candle in Summer Scoop, is without a doubt the best thing ever. That is all…


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