Avon Clearskin Professional; Liquid extraction strips – Review

Avon Clearskin Professional; Liquid extraction strips. Anything with the words ‘Liquid Extraction’ sounds terrifying to me. When evil robots of the future can be the only time I think something should be given a name like Liquid Extraction. But this review isn’t me bullying Avon about its name choice and revealing my fears it is about giving the product a chance to prove it’s not scary, and hopefullygiving it a place in my skin care routine.


To begin with I thickly applied the product around my nose and slightly on to my cheeks the allowed to dry. This was fine, with having sensitive skin like mine some products burn my skin on contact but this didn’t, it took a couple of minutes to dry which gave me enough time to write an opening paragraph. Once dry you peel it off, this is where it went downhill. I could feel the blackheads being torn from my skin, it was like being waxed. Painfull but good!

Once the strip came off, my skin felt so much smoother and refreshed. My black heads were drastically improved. There is absolutely no sign of redness or any patches of the product left on my face. This is one of the best peels I have used to date. I recommend purchasing this from your local Avon lady.

Is there any skin care musts that you would like me to try out? Was this helpful for you?


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