Busy Bee Candles ‘Magik Beanz’ – Review

I recently won a competition for some “Magik Beanz and a burner” from Busy Bee Candles, for a controlled pyromaniac like myself getting something like this is beyond amazing!


I got four scents which might I add, are amazing! I got the; Sherbert Lemon, Sexy as Sin, Lovely Me and Peppermint Kisses. You can burn them seperatley or mix up the odours. I love the sherbert lemon mixed with sexy as sin. I’ve not tried any other combinations so figured it out, it turned out to be extremely easy. You light a tealight in the bottom of the burner and fill the top with the Magik Beans. You’d think I would have got that straight away…


Any way they are beautiful! If you want to purchase some for yourself you can find them here – http://www.busybeecandles.co.uk/magik-beanz/
My personal favourite is the Sherbert lemon…


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