Strawberry Margarita

Things you will need –

2 glasses of crushed ice
1/2 cup strawberry puree
2 shots of tequila
1 limes, juiced
Shot of Grenadine
Soda water, varied amounts
Cocktail shaker
Shot glasses
Cocktail stirrer
Fellow alcoholic so you can drink with friends

How to do the thing –

Pour tequila in to the cocktail shaker, along with the lime juices, strawberry puree and shake. Once mixed pour in the grenadine and shake once again, then pour on top of the crushed ice which should half fill the glass, fill the remainder of the cup with soda water then stir with a cocktail stirrer.


Ta da! It’s done and it is lovely! This is a refreshing summer drink and it’s my favourite cocktail.
This is my personal perfect summer drink!


Have you tried my recipe? What did you think?


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