Birthdays and Charities

Birthdays are a time for people giving you presents right? Well, I don’t want to get spoiled this year on my 19th birthday, I get spoilt enough. This year I’m going on holiday, and spending my time doing what I love, blogging! I was going to host a giveaway, but I struggled setting this up. I thought to myself, why I should give some stranger expensive collections of make-up and nick knacks, when I could do something that actually matters. I want to fundraise and help charities. More specifically I want us, the internet community to do what we can to help charities or the less fortunate.

I will be hosting stalls, having bakes sales and crafting anything I can. I will do whatever it takes to actually do something that helps. I would like to spend anytime I can to raise money for these charities, well winter is coming (yes, game of thrones quote in a serious post). I will stop the fundraising at the end of autumn, because I do not want to stand in our freezing winters at a stall. No thank you.

I am working with Rain Rescue so far, an animal charity.  Once I hear back from more charities I have contacted, I will post more information on the project. Until then, I would love for you to email, comment, message me on twitter, smoke signals – any way you can, leaving me charities that need our help, fundraising ideas or any possible help you have to offer.
You can email me on

Thank you!


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