My Perfect Mojito Recipe

1½ lime,
handful of fresh mint leaves
1½ teaspoons of sweetener
2 shots white rum
Splash soda water, to taste

Separate the lime juice and sugar into 2 large glasses and then put some mint in the palm of your hand and hit the mint with the under thumb part of your other hand. This should look like a heavy clapping motion. Pour in the rum and then add soda water to top up and stir well. Garnish with a mint sprig if that’s how you roll.



How do you like my Mojito?

Good right?



2 thoughts on “My Perfect Mojito Recipe

  1. A splash of raspberry or blue berry or whatever-flavour-you-fancy liqueur tastes beautiful is your fancy spicing things up (on that note: I had a spiced apple mojito the other day mmmmm)


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