Internet support group – How to prepare for leaving the internet for a week.

Although I often call myself unemployed, I actually do have a job. I hardly ever work, a jobs a job. I work as a steward; I basically stand around at football matches or festivals. On the 2nd of July, I have to leave the comfort of my laptop and go camping with my work. I’m stewarding at Sonisphere, if you there come say hi! For 5 days I will be living in a tent. Like a true bohemian, I’ll be sporting my musical theatre and show tunes appose to the heavy rock which will be the main presence. Well the only presence… Until I show up.

Enough about me, us internetters need help when these situations arise!
I have enough 3G to check twitter, but that will be my only internet usage for 5 days. God help me.

The first thing we can do is take up hobby, mines loom bands. I’m making them for charity… *whispers* donate to my just giving*
Look! They so pretty and cool.


Hobbies can take our mind off of our addiction, doing something which doesn’t require thought is so therapeutic, I like not thinking…

We need allergy tablets, and lots of them. Most internetters hide inside so much then can’t handle all the air, the sun and pollen, also I have hay fever. As for the sun wear sunglasses all the time, It protect your eyes and makes you look cool and mysterious.

I find any time away from internet is a good time to restart playing pokemon or any old video game. Last time I played I didn’t catch all the legendary pokemon, without them I can never become the ultimate trainer. Using screens give me the feeling of using a computer.

If you’re a hermit who’s having to go out this summer, could you tell me your plans of survival? I’m scared. I hope no angry rockers realise that I don’t belong…


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