5 Must-Reads For Your Summer Break

Hey readers! I’m Jess from Jessica Gracie (beauty/lifestyle blog). Whether you’re at university, college, work or school, the time of year of holidays in the sun is fast approaching and Billie has kindly let me run riot on her blog today to recommend you some lovely holiday reads! So let’s get stuck in!


1. The Circle by Dave Eggers              

Don’t let the beefiness of this book put you off when you’re browsing through Smiths in the airport, it’s a relatively quick read. The story will draw you in straight away and  you won’t want to put it down. It’s the story of Mae who starts a new job at The Circle (i.e the company that is now running/monitoring/controlling the whole of the internet and all it contains) and things quickly spiral out of control. She quickly finds her relationships and life in jeopardy because of her life online. It’s a relevant read in this media age and it’s one that’ll make you think!


2.  Paper Towns by John Green

We all loved The Fault in Our Stars, right? And with the movie just out at the cinema it is bound to put you in a John Green mood. So why not pick up Paper Towns and follow the story of Quentin and his adventures with Margo… or the adventures he has with her until she vanishes. Intrigued? I promise you’ll love it, John Green never lets us down for a good quick holiday read.


3. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?  by Mindy Kaling

You may have caught Mindy on The Office (US) or The Mindy Project (I’ll admit I’ve never watched much of her on TV) but I heard great things about her book and I absolutely loved it. It’s so easy to read, like you’re just listening to a friend talk to you in the most engaging and endearing way. I read it in a day by the pool in Lanzarote last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like your comedic/autobiographic/anecdotal books, try this one.


4. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

This one is for the Big Bang Theory lovers out there. Don, the central character, is very Sheldon Cooper-esque with his habits and he eventually decides he’s going to create a questionnaire to try to find a wife. Apparently the guy has strict criteria, who knew? And then he meets Rosie who is lively, outgoing and definitely not for Don, according to his questionnaire. Yet… No, actually, just go read it and find out what happens.


5. The Humans by Matt Haig

This is heart-warming read so if you’re looking for a real feel-good read then go for The Humans. It’s the story of an alien (give it a chance, don’t stop reading there…) who is sent to earth in the form of a human to try destroy something that could ruin the human race/planet earth. Yet he finds himself on a journey of discovering how incredible it is to be human, and to love peanut butter. If you want to feel good about life, and be reassured it’s okay to love peanut butter as much as you do, drop The Humans in your basket.


(On a side note, you should all follow Matt Haig on twitter because his tweets are very funny 98% of the time and utter genius the other 2%).

Do any of you have any good beach reads you can recommend for the summer season?

You can find Jessica’s blog over at http://www.jessicagracie.blogspot.co.uk/ please check her out!


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