Emmajane on designing our rooms

Art has always been a keen hobby of mine. However I think decorating and designing your room is something many of us enjoy, regardless of your passion for art. Weather it’s rearranging everything in your room to just painting the walls or both, you’re sure to put together something unique for your personal space. Although I’m not quite sure what sort of style I have yet, I’m definitely not a ‘girly girly’ and although we all need our daily dosage of black, your room can be a perfect place to add some colour and fun!

Personally, I would like my room to be a wide open space, therefore I’d steer clear of dark colours as they tend to make the room look a lot smaller than it is. I’ve opted for a “Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate” combination! These colours compliment each other well and add warmth. Other colours that compliment each other would be a chocolate-brown colour such as this with a minty green, or  a cream colour and moss-green, Mauve and apricot, orange and cream, the list is endless!

When it comes to doing designs on the wall of your bedroom, it begins to get more personal. Of coarse tumblr and Pinterest are great outlets to look for inspiration. I went for a floral design but still kept it minimal. I’m not into small floral print so larger flowers like these were ideal. Again the baby pink and cream suited the darkness of the warm brown already on the wall. I simply looked at a Pinterest picture and tried to draw it freehand. I did some pencil markings first and then began using paint.This part is really up to, you can take as little or as much from the picture as you like, for me I adapted it a little. Adding the map of the world was a sort of spur of the moment thing. I seen it on Pinterest and thought I’d go for it!

Emma janeimageThe world

Another  thing I love doing is adding pieces of my own artwork to the walls, drawings, paintings,sketches even doodles add even more of a personal and unique aspect.

EmmajaneOoh pretty things


Hope this inspires you!    


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