Notes from my flight

Flying is one of my favourite parts of going on holiday, when flying over the british country side I begin to reminisce about when I was a child. I used to have this mat which had a little city and roads on it, and when you are 5000 feet in the air this is what the country side looks like. Every field, city and lake looks like patchwork all sewn together by a seam of roadsBritish country side 5000ft while the sun rises.

I am not well travelled, I have not seen all the beautiful sights of the world. The british country side from 5000 feet is easily the most beautiful thing I have seen so far.



One thought on “Notes from my flight

  1. That picture is absolutely stunning! I haven’t been on a plane in years and I used to be scared of them, but now I think I’d be over the moon to get on one again!


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