Dawn of the planet of the apes.

Is the only time that the phrashing “of the” can be used so frequently (not including and prequels or sequels). Back on subject, DID YOU SEE THIS FILM!  It was amazing, Apes are the best. I loved it. I won’t give any spoilers but here a vague summery

Humans are in trouble, Apes are good, Humans do a thing, Apes do a thing, Ceaser speaks about a subject, Fight scene, Some things happen then it ends.

There is so much more than that but you need to see it, I won’t be that person who ruins the film for everyone. Nope, nope, nope. The CGI is beautiful, the apes are so well-y done. The acting was perfectly done, the story was wow.
However the was a flaw! Do you know that scene from the trailer where the guy shouts “I NEED TO SPEAK TO CEASER!” It did not happen in the whole film. Like where was this scene? Will it be an extra on the bonus DVD, where did it go? I need to know.

This film creates so much love in my heart for all primates. It is already my dream to travel the world and help children, elephants and apes. This film made me feel the need to explore the possibilities for me to meet some monkeys and possible help them.

I have a picture that my wonderful cousin drew. She loved the film as much as I did and used her creativeness to draw this.  What do you think, of the film and of this drawing?

Planet of the Apes  Jasmine Morton


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