Goodbye July

July is over! So much has happened this month, I’ve travelled, aged and got some new make up. I went to Spain with my boyfriend, went to a festival to work and got drunk in Nottingham! Now its the end of the month I just want to sleep but first I must review this!

In July I discovered that I was brave when I was stewarding at sonisphere. This was so not my scene but I love working there and being action-y. I didn’t enjoy getting trampled though!

Then my feet got tanned in spain. I have got a post coming soon about this so I’m not giving anything away. Same story for my Nottingham adventure.

My make up favourite is my Bad Gal Lashes from benefit. I don’t know if this is a new product but my mom got it me and I love it!

My favourite show is Couples Come Dine With Me. Like I really need to be on this show. I love bickering couples.

My favourite alcoholic drink is a Sweet Lemon, I don’t remember how to make this but it tastes like lemonade but there is booze! It’s the bomb.

I’m sorry this is so short, I honestly am having serious writers block along with lots of stress. Posts will be less frequent for the next 2 weeks because of this. I will still aim to post atleast once a  week. Any way August will be bringing some interesting posts and everything will back to normal.




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