Since you’ve been gone!

Hello my lovely readers… (hi mom)

I bet you are wondering why I’ve had such a long break, where I’ve been or what happened to Hopefully if I don’t end up rambling for a million characters I will answer these questions. I will start with the fall of

it all started going down hill when I started a full time job working at the other side of my city. i travelled for an hour and half each way and worked for 9 hours. Originally I wrote posts on the bus but as the days went on i lost my enthusiasm. I still tried to post but it became less and less frequent. I tried to hold a bloggers event to get myself back in the spirit, it all went well but nothing relit my love for my blog. It continued this way up until June where I left working at a doctors surgery and started working in recruitment. This job is close to home, but I really couldn’t get myself back into it. I then became single, but this will be a whoooooole different post (read about it here).

Then in august tragedy struck, I loved my self hosted blog. I was going to pay for it to be renewed but the cost was 8 times what I originally payed. In a panic I deleted what was on That was that. I completely lost all my love for blogging.

In recent weeks things have been going downhill at work, and I have been feeling really down about it. I’ve wanted a creative outlet again. So the bitch is back.

Billie xox


2 thoughts on “Since you’ve been gone!

  1. Hey Billie, welcome back to blogging! Feel free to email about your job woes. It sounds weird but i’d like to hear them. I’m having lots of issues myself recently too so would probably help to hear i’m not the only one! I’m if you want to. x


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