Awkward, Single and Please Don’t Let Me Mingle

In the end of June and the beginning of July my relationship began to crumble, which was really over due. There was no love in what we had, we had gotten to stage where we was nothing more than friends. So we broke up.

I was back on the market for the first time since I was sixteen, I am 20 now so that is a long time. Which for anyone else would be an amazing concept however as a socially anxious introvert this is so scary for me.

Lets get back to tinder, it is a weird place. It takes a long long time to go through all the crazies but the idea of it is very good. Swipe left if you don’t like them or swipe right if you do. I tend to left swipe most people and I have noticed a very obvious pattern in people that I like. My type is guys with dark hair and beards – I never new. For more information on the guys you find on tinder click here.

Soon after getting tinder I had a date, it was really awkward for me and I couldn’t stop rambling. I did not know how to dress, what was appropriate to talk about or how much food I should eat. This person has since admitted that they originally wanted to friend zone me. However we have dates since and hung out very often. They are now not able to friend zone me so that is kind of a win on my part! However it won’t keep going on. 

I realised I hate going on dates. I hate socialising. It is not for me and I do not want to take any part in socialising ever again. It is really confusing, and I sometimes don’t see the point. 

I will keep you in the loop of my troubles in the land of dating and relationships.

Much love,
Billie xox


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