Soap & Glory Sexy XL Mother Pucker Extreme Plump – First Impressions

Like many girls, I am very self concious about many parts of my anatomy and ever since the gorgeous Kylie Jenner started flaunting her amazing lips I have hated my thin lips. I’ve looked into buying plumping lip products but I’ve always been a little apprehensive. Then today I decided to start using my boots points.

The packaging is the soap and glory standard, its pink and shiny. It is enough to draw anyone in! Oh no,  THERE IS A WARNING “this lip gloss will almost immediately plump, buzz, tingle and zing (it’s not for the meek of mouth). That’s a little scary. The tip of the lip gloss is a slanted tip so you can evenly spread the product around.  I’ll stop trying to put off using this now, the plumping scares me a little.
soap and glory
Please notice the thinness of my lips in the Selfie below
I am Billie Selfie

When applying this to lips I found that it smelt like chocolate which made it a lot more appealing. I’ve applied the product quite lightly because I want to wear lipstick once it takes effect. After around 30 second the tingling started, it isn’t as bad as i expected though. Its quite nice. I did get it on my tongue though and that is a very uncomfortable. After a few minutes I did notice a difference but I’m not sure on how long to leave this on for. Ten minutes have passed by and my lips are still tingling. This is great. LOOK HOW BIG MY LIPS ARE!


Does anybody know of any more plumping products? Or do you have any tips for me to get bigger lips?

Please let me know!

Billie xox


2 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Sexy XL Mother Pucker Extreme Plump – First Impressions

    1. Neither had I but this has quickly become my favourite product. I have since been informed that this product isn’t one of the crazy plumping products but it’s a great one to try if getting plumper lips is something you want to try with out going OTT.


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