Cosy Bedroom Haul

If you are anything like me as soon as the weather starts to get cold you will become obsessed with being cosy. Anyone would agree that there is nothing finer that laying in a warm bed listening to the rain hit against the window. In this post I will be showing all the things I have bought today which will help me achieve maximum cosiness. 

The first thing you will need is new bedding I bought some zebra print bedding from Primark which was a reasonable £12 and it is the most adorable thing ever. LOOK AT IT!
image1 - Copy (3)

I then decided that I would need some new cushions to go with the bedding I bought two white sparkly cushions from Primark which were £4’s each. Then I stepped into New Look the day they released their Home section – this was very dangerous for me. I only bought two furry brown pillows for a slightly steep £12’s each and the butterfly fairy lights for £9. It was worth it though. They are cute. Its a good enough reason, right?

Unfortunately I have no self control and I decided to go back to Primark and buy a throw to go with my pillows, the colours don’t match but they look cute together – it all helps with the cosiness. Unfortunately I have forgotten how much I paid. While in the shop I also forgot that I had just bought fairy lights so I bought some reindeer ones as well, which were £4. I will keep these in the box until December unless I decided that I cannot wait any longer.

I am very lazy so I have not made my bed with all of these as of yet however keep an eye on my instagram once my bed is made It will feature on there!

Zebra BeddingSeriosuly though how cute is everything!

Billie xox


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