LeafLight Bluebell Imbued Moisturing Cream

So you guys know how I hosted bloggersfunday a few month ago? Well I’ve decided to revisit some of the products which we received I am reviewing LeafLight Bluebell Imbued Moisturing Cream. As a company Leaflight are great, they put up with me harassing them for products for everyone. Love you LeafLight 😘.
But now on to the product it’s really good as a way to calm eczema and dry skin, it’s really soothing and smells nice. It’s actually one of the best moisturisers I’ve used on my eczema it even gives my diprobase a run for its money.

However it has a really thick consistency which I really don’t like on my face, both me and my sister have been using it as a body moisturiser and I think this is what it’s best at being. We both use it at night before bed but we find that because of its thickness that we can only use small amounts.

Its a good product as it does what it says on the tin but personally it isn’t for me facially wise. However now the seasons are changing and my skin is flaring up I am really loving it.

See you next time

Billie xxx


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