Urban Decay – Primer Potion 

Guys prepare your self I’ve got so much products to review at the minute so there won’t be much variation unil I’ve got through this huge to do list!
First off I’m reviewing the amazing Urban Decay Primer Potion, this primer is so good. It makes removing high pigmented make up a dream as it prevents the pigments staining your skin. I feel like my make up doesn’t feel cake-y when I use it, everything just smooths out. Obviously primer is to prepare your skin for make up usage but the more you read into it you find they it has so many good properties. It also has brightening and tightening properties which means it’s anti ageing. Yay. However as I have the face of a 12 year old that doesn’t make much difference for me.

I have being using the product for a few months now and after a while I have found this product to become less special. I have found that the primer doesn’t hold my make up in place as well as I initially thought.

It’s really good product but I doubt I will be buying this again. I can buy product that are just as good but with a nicer price tag.

This is my first Urban Decay product I’m curious about their products, do you have any recommendations?
Billie xxx


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