Blogmas #2 -Christmas Dos and Don’ts

Okay guys, I am going to give you some serious life advice which I have collected over the years. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes and have an extremely normal Christmas. Alternatively you might see some of the good things I have done in the Christmas period and be like that’s basically a Christmas standard.

Do go see a pantomime and enjoy it. Pantos are not just for kids, they are super cool and they are funny for all ages.

Don’t get drunk and throw up on any of your colleagues at the work do. Trust me I have done this too any times. It’s not cute and its not easy to live down. If you read my blog I am still so sorry!

Do enjoy every bite of Christmas food and every drop of mulled wine.

Don’t leave Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve, you will never regret anything more than braving the shops on Christmas Eve.

Do buy your self a present. You deserve it!

Don’t get Christmas cards for your whole office if there are more than 10 people working their. I have forgot peoples names, forgot they existed and caused drama by not even bothering. In my current job there is 8 of us and I am pretty sure I will remember everyones names.

Do bring food and snacks if you have to work Christmas Eve or New Years Eve. Everyone you work with will love you forever.

Don’t forget to buy a Snazzy Christmas Jumper.

Do constantly listed to Michael Buble

Don’t forget to get in the Christmas Spirit

See you tomorrow!

Billie xx


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