Simple Skin Care Challenge

As many of you may be aware, I am currently undertaking a skincare challenge. Over the next couple of month I will only be using simple skincare product, or low end products. They after a couple of month I will switch to a high end skincare routine to find out truly which is best. Obviously I may still trial other products but they will only be first impressions until the challenge is over.

I don’t have bad skin, I have really bad eczema but that doesn’t flare up unless I have a bath, then my skin peels. Its super gross. I never really break out in spots. So this challenge is really to see what makes my skin feel healthier, maybe give it a little glow or something. I really just want to try out different things and give an honest review of what is good and what is not!

When starting this challenge I bought various products and decided that these was the base to the challenge. My skin care routine now consists of; Simple Face Wash, Simple Foaming cleanser, Simple Eye Make up Remover, Simple Micellar water, and two different type of face wipes.


So what is the routine I hear you ask? In the evening I will remove my make up, wash my face twice, cleanse with the Micellar water. Then when I wake up I will use the wipe to cleanse and wipe my face. I don’t have time to wash my face in the morning because more often than not I over lay and end up having 15 minutes to get ready! Ooops.

I have noticed after a good few days into the challenge that my skin is feeling very dry so I’ve got out to add to my Simple routine and I have decided to purchase the “Kind to Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser”. I will be using this in the evenings once my skin is completely clean and make up fee. Hopefully this will make my skin feel a little happier.


I have now been doing this for nearly 5 days and its got to Monday, which is normally my face mask day. To stick to my face mask day and the theme of the challenge, I have pretty much bought most of the Superdrugs own branded face masks. So each Monday I will do one or two face masks.  Today is my first Monday so I am going to do a “White Chocolate Mousse Mask”. This is loaded with Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil and Shea Butter so hopefully this will aide my battle against dryness! I am thinking of adding a exfoliating mask to the routine midway through each week.



So far I am feeling indifferent towards simple, I just need a good exfoliator to help aid my skin. Normally I exfoliate every day however I have not been able to find a Simple one. Is this even a thing? Please let me know in the comments below.

I will update you all in a week or two!

Billie xoxo



2 thoughts on “Simple Skin Care Challenge

  1. simple is such an amazing range, ive been using there products for a month now and it has changed my skin! full of well.. simple ingredients LOL! that wont irritate the skin.. good luck on your skincare challenge!


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