Be At One Sheffields Opening

Be At One, the cocktail bar, has opened their second northern venue here in  Sheffield and last week I got invited to their opening night! Better yet I got invited as press, not going to lie for me this made feel famous. My self and the other bloggers who were invited all got goody bags and free drinks. Yes, FREE DRINKS! Its safe to say I got hammered!

I brought along one of my favourite blogger friends to Be At One with me, I would not be trusted to be around 150+ cocktails on my own. The lovely Louise came with me so I wouldn’t have to tackle the amazing range of cocktails alone. Together we tackled around 24 drinks and ended up in KFC.  Pretty standard, really.

The Popster

Back to Be At One is located opposite Vodka Revolution and just around the corner from West Street, one of the main streets to be drunk on here in Sheffield.  The party starts at 4.30 pm on weekdays and 2 pm on weekend – not when Kesha walks in. They also host a daily happy hour where you can get one of there 150 drinks for cheaper from 4.30 pm till 7 pm! I think they are £5 but don’t take my word for it!  You can also get an extra happy hour by using the Be At One App “Appi Hour” where you can select the be adventurous. The app will randomly select one drink for you and you then can get that for £5!

Be At One Cocktail Bar, Sheffield, 9 February 2016
The Be At One cocktail bar in Sheffield, United Kingdom, 9 February 2016. Photo by Glenn Ashley.

In my personal opinion Be At One is just what Sheffield needed, the quirky drink combos, the great atmosphere and the excellent bar staff it makes Be At One is such a great place to go! If you’ve been down town in Sheffield over the last couple of months its not the best, the atmosphere is weird and police seem to be everywhere however the atmosphere in Be At One completely cuts that! The whole bar is very welcoming and friendly. It is fantastic! I will definitely be returning here and I recommend that you go! To find out what we actually drank click here!



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