Revolución de Cuba New Menu Launch

Revolución de Cuba is an amazing bar in the heart of Sheffield, there a many around the UK, alas I have only drunk in one. Hidden away just off of Sheffield’s renowned West Street, sits Rev’ de Cuba in what used to be an old tram shed on Mappin Street. Not that you’d know what it once was or that its in Sheffield. Just walking in and hearing the Latin music for are transported into a what feels like a less cold, more relaxed place.


Arranged by a fellow Sheffield blogger, Holly, and Rev’ de Cuba a small group of bloggers were invited in to try there new menu, taste rum and learn the art of making a perfect burrito. Once we arrived we was all given a complimentary mojito  and sat at our tables. We was given plenty of time to chat and gossip, then a small board of nibbles came out for us all. We was served Pork Crackling, Spicy Mixed Nuts and Sweet Banana Chips unfortunately all of these things I do not like however I gave them a go. My favourites were the mixed nuts and the pork crackling, I really don’t like banana so I wish I could put a positive spin on them!


A little while later tapas plates were brought out filled with different things for us to try, we had the Pork and Chorizo Quesadilla, Glazed Chicken with Romesco, Albondigas and Sardines. Which were all yummy, I am not fussy at all, there are only two foods that I do not like, bananas and mushrooms. Luckily for me I loved these! The quesadillas were crisp and spicy, the chicken was delicious, Albondigas (Spanish meatballs) were so yummy and flavoursome and finally the Sardines were by far my favourite they were  just so yummy. The only problem with tapas is that I am greedy, I am like Joey from Friends. BILLIE DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!  Okay maybe I’m not that bad…


We then had our Burrito master class , we was all given the same ingredients and who ever made the best looking burrito won simple! So we was shown what to do step by step and then they was taken away for judging. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but in my heart I am pretty sure that I must have being second. My ego can’t take anything lower than that.


We swiftly moved on to rum tasting, and you guys know I will never lie to you. I do not like rum unless it is mixed with something to the point where I can’t taste it. We tried three rums, a white rum, a spiced rum and a dark rum. Bad blogger Billie can not remember there names however the spiced one smelled a little bit like chocolate and the other two tasted like rum!

All in all I had a very good night and would like to further thank Rev’ de Cuba for inviting me. Sorry the rum was wasted on me however the cocktails wasn’t!  The new menu looks and tastes amazing, I really recommend you go.


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