Paperchase Mini Haul

Guys, I have a problem. Its a serious sickness, so much money each month goes down the drain on these. I am a Diary addict. I have more planners and diaries than sense. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I have just got a personal planner but obviously that is not enough. Any way back to the point of this post.

I somehow got blown in to Paperchase and somehow bought more diarys.


I bought a Travel Journal which hopefully will keep organised for all of my adventures I have coming up this year! This will be perfect for my adventure in  Amsterdam! This gem was £8 and I’ve got to go back and get my sister one now.


You may or may not know that I feel run down a lot and what helps bring me round is thinking about all of my achievements, I got this diary as I can clearly list them and the progress to achieving them. Hopefully this will help me when I’m feeling down and if not for £8 its not bad so I can keep record of memories.


I am as organised as I can be but I don’t think anything is as powerful as a to do list! I am following this today and I’ve wrote 2 blog posts already as well as all my chores! For £4 its a must!


I bought a few more things and you will be seeing them very soon! You’ll know its them when I the post is up trust me!

Are there any other things you recommend I buy? What are your weaknesses when shopping?

Billie xox


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