Did using only Simple products ruin my skin?

You might be aware that I was doing a challenge where I used only simple product for a month, if you wasn’t you can find the details here! I used all of the simple face washes, moisturisers, make up removers, shower gels and everything inbetween for a month. Firstly I will have to take you back before the challenge so you understand what my skin is generally like.


I have never really had spots, acne or blemishes I have always been lucky for this. Even as a teenager I never really had spots. My skin can sometimes be a little bit pink or oily but its not a common thing. I do however really suffer with dry skin and eczema, I’ve always kept on top of it though with a couple of moisturisers. Considering everything I normally have really good skin in comparison to most people my age!

Back to simple, so as you may remember for my first week I only used the face washes and make up removers and my skin dried out. This could have been my my eczema flaring up or anything so sticking to simple skincare I went out and bought on of their hydrating moisturisers.


I continued to use the face washes and then followed up with the moisturiser. For around a 3-4 days my skin went back to normal, better than normal my whole face felt clean and soft. Unfortunately after a couple more days my skin went dry again and no matter how much of the moisturiser on I couldn’t get my face soft again. I still stuck to the routine and as the month grew closer to the end I broke out in spots. Boo! I had lots of build up on my chin and around my nose which is something I’ve never really experienced before.

At the end of the challenge I can say that Simple products are not for me at all, and that I would not recommend them  to any one. I am not biased though and every skin type is different, Simple may not suit me but I know what it suits so many people and is such a popular brand. So if you are trying out skin care products I would try it out, as I know so many people who can only say good things about simple. I don’t plan on using simple again to be honest.

Through out March  I will be using only Clinique, the polar opposite of simple. I will update you after one week. If there are any brands or products you’d like me to try please tell me in the comments!

Billie xox


5 thoughts on “Did using only Simple products ruin my skin?

  1. Great post, really interesting to hear. Is it possible that your skin broke out because you changed your skincare routine? I know that when people change their routine their skin is more likely to break out because of a difference in oil/moisture and different ingredients etc. Just a thought, loved hearing your opinion though! X


    1. Thank you for reading my post! It’s very likely that my skin broke out because of the change, it’s expected with in the first two weeks of changing your routine but it should calm down after a couple of days. I did a full 28 day skin cycle and it continually got worse 😢 x


  2. Just seen ur reviews on simple and Clinique. I’ve just ordered la Roche posay anti blemish kit as I’ve seen the reviews are amazing maybe this could help or you could do a review on this xx

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