Tapas Revolution VIP Menu Testing

On the 16th March the newest editions to Meadowhall Oasis will be opening, the Fabulous Tapas Revolution is opening. I got invited along to the menu testing, there was a Georgina and Lucy who also got invited along. I was so happy to have been invited by Georgina to go as I love Spanish food! So lets break down the night.

I arrived late, I got lost – it will be easy to find in Meadowhall – the event was hosted in a pop up venue on Chesterfield Road. When I got there I received a warm welcome and a glass of Sangria. I happily took a seat next to Lucy and Georgina we then had a good chat and catch up.


Around 7.30 the owner of Tapas Revolution, Omar Allibhoy came out from the kitchen to tell his story, more about the restaurant and his food. Omar originally got the idea from a case of food love and wanderlust. Omar was with his friends one day and saw a map of the UK. He then drew a T across the map and decided he will stop everywhere he can across this T and cook real Spanish food for us brits. Starting at Liverpool Omar started his journey and made his way to Grimsby. Then he travelled all the way down to the Isle of White. This journey took him 15 days and all of the response and reviews he got from people passing by inspired him to start a Tapas Revolution, hence the name. Below you will see a copy of the menu we had on the night.


I could not pick a fault in anything we ate, it was all delicious. Honestly I can’t even explain how fresh all of the food tasted. My top 3 items was the Paella Valenciana, the Chirizo a la Sidre and the Albondigas con Salsa. If you go to Tapas Rev you need to try these three options.


Chirizo A La Sidre
The food and the drinks just flowed the whole atmosphere was amazing. As the night drew to a close Omar popped out to speak to us all again and to continue with his generosity we was gifted with a goody bag. Which was filled to the brim. We was given a copy of Omars book which he signed for us, drinks and the key to spanish cooking, a tin of Parika.


I am so excited to try out the recipes in this book and beers. I can not wait for the restaurant to open and I really recommend you all try them out.
What is your favourite Tapas dish?

Billie xox


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