Clinique Skin Care Update

This month has been the month to trial Cliniques 3 step Introduction Kit. I’ve put off writing this post quite a lot to be honest. As you might remember after using simple my skin wasn’t very good, so I used Clinique while I waited for my skin to clear up. It should have taken a week tops to sort its self out, as I don’t get spots normally.

After about a week of using clinique I started getting these huge dark purple spots, which were very sore. I thought it may be residual from using simple still so I gave it another week. I had more purple spots and the existing ones had doubled in size. I had arranged an update with the people in store while using there products. I went in to discuss my spots with them and they reassured me they are normal? Which I personally don’t think they are.

Its now been another week and I have just 10 days left of this skin care challenge but I’m not happy so far. I have spoke to a friend of mine, who had similar experiences and it caused her lots of problems with her skin. In comparison my problems are small, but it I wouldn’t like to have similar problems. Unfortunately I will not be continuing using these products as I don’t feel like they are doing anything good for my skin.

What do you think about these dark purple spots? Do you have any quick fixes for spots?

Billie xox



2 thoughts on “Clinique Skin Care Update

  1. I tried Clinique when I was younger. And I did love the soap and the moisturiser but that cleanser omg that stuff is like nail varnish remover, it is awful! I’ve used Liz Earle ever since and never looked back!


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