Strada’s Spring Soiree

Recently I was invited along to the Strada Spring Soiree, to celebrate the relaunch of Strada’s Sheffield branch. The whole point of the event was to see the newly  modernised restaurant (which looks amazing). However I was allowed to order as much food and drinks as I wanted.

holy shit balls

Before I go on reviewing the menu and the restaurant I would just like you all to know, I attended this event with fellow blogger Becky  so I didn’t eat a ridiculous amount of food n my own, we shared a ridiculous amount of food evenly.

Unfortunately I hadn’t been to the restaurant before I am not able to compare how the it looks now. I can however say that the restaurant is lovely and open, and it has a really relaxed vibe.


I’d never attended a soiree before, I didn’t know how to dress for this event.


I wore this adorable dress which I bought last year at New Look. I thought this dress fitted the spring theme, and I think it was a good choice. I love a floral pattern and even more I love this shade of blue. Its got a vintage vibe and its a great dress for any busty ladies, like myself. I don’t own many pairs of shows so I paired this with addidas trainers. I’m not good at this fashion malarkey but I’m working on it. Roll on summer so I can pair jelly shoes with dresses.


We devoured 4 starters, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. That’s right 4 starters.

Strada Starters

We sampled food from the April Chefs Starters and the normal menu and I can not even express how yummy the food is. We sampled the Chilli and the Garlic Prawns, Arancini, Crispy Squid and Chicken Liver Bruschetta. Its not often when I can’t pick a favourite, but every single one of these starters were delicious.


You know what’s better than 4 starters? 4 mains! I went there. We just kept eating.

Mains Strada

We wanted to sample one of every type of food, we tried the Penne Carbonara, a Margherita, Seafood Risotto and the Trout. I actually did have a clear favourite out of the starters. You’d be surprised but the favourite part of the mains where the lentils which were paired with the trout. I’d never had lentils before and I don’t know why but it has triggered an obsession in.


Who’d have thought we would be still eating?

dessert strada

We could not decide on what dessert to have so, Strada offered us a dessert platter. As you can see above we had Chocolate Fondant, Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake, Pannacotta, Pear and Almond Tart aaaaaaand Chocolate Ice Cream. The best dessert here was the Pannacotta, again its another food I hadn’t tried before. It was so yum.


Shots! Shots! Shots!

Drunks strada

Just kidding we had prosecco and cocktails. We enjoyed some lovely proseccos and two delicious Elderflower Spritz.

The food was so so so yummy and the drinks were on point. I didn’t get drunk and no bad decisions were made, this is a win for me!

billie xox


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