So I disappeared again.

Hey girl, hey.  So I have disappeared for a little while again and I thought I’d let you know why.

Mainly I’ve not been here because I feel ill all of the time. I have an undiagnosed stomach problem that I’ve had forever but sometimes it flares up and makes me feel like death. I have been referred to the hospital again but I’ve had to wait 4 months until an appointment and I’ve got another month to go.  So that’s the biggest player in not been as social

Then I have my busy, crazy and weird life. I work in recruitment so I am stressed at least 300% of the time. When I’m feeling well I tend to be at an event. I have so many to write up for all of you. yaay!

I’ve also spent way too much time with 4 of my favourite people who are also Sheffield bloggers we’ve been planning the #steelcityblogmeet for 6 months now and its so close to the event. Which brings to to reason 60 of why I’ve not been blogging.

SOCIAL ANXIETY. I am so freaking nervous and stressed out to a point where the only way I’m not getting worked up is by  sleeping. I’m sure I’ll feel better once the stress of the event is over and I’ll be fine. I know my anxiety so its nothing I can’t work through.

I’m sure your all thinking “gee, that is a lot going on, Bill”.  I’ve had my usual ‘Billie Dramas’ going on as per. I went gluten free. I started eating gluten again. I went on a date that wasn’t a date. I had two car accidents, ish. Boy Drama. My little sister has out grown me. I made a whole branch of a company fall out with me.

If anyone wants more in depth of my dilemmas just ask, I have no secrets just mental scars that will make decent blog posts one day.

We’ve got lots to talk about, dear reader.

billie xox

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