Friction Free Shaving Cocktail Masterclass

A few weeks ago, I was  invited to the Friction Free Shaving‘s Cocktail Masterclass at Bar Opus, Birmingham to celebrate them smashing their crowdfunding goal!  I was a tad nervous about attending after my last visit to Birmingham but I was going t meet up with best friend and fellow blogger natalie.

In honour of FFS massive achievement they put together this amazing master class to say thank you and to show off a new feature that they will be bringing out.

We arrived in birmingham with a warm welcome, a FFS goody bag and a glass of wine. This even was already a winner at this point.


The first cocktail we made was the Samantha which was named after FFS’ best selling razor. This drink was a concoction of Chase lemon cello, lemonade and lemongrass. This was so refreshing and sweet, I pretty much drank it like pop it was so nice


Our second drink was Faye, which one of FFS other razors which is only model I haven’t tried. The drink its self was honeycomb, honey,  honey whisky and milk. Unfortunately milk doesn’t really agree with me but Natalie thoroughly enjoyed drinking two.

482We then made Frankie, the final cocktail of the day. This was by far my favourite, layers of some kind of liqueur, rosewater and Prosecco. I found bliss in this drink…

Now lets nosey into this goody bag.

492So there was a new razor, some Joe and Sephs Popcorn and a whisk. All local brands and a quirky mix. But that pop corn though.

But here comes the best part. My razor was personalised, Samantha has my name engraved! Which is fantastic, its such a cute feature to be bringing out and could make such a wonderful gift or a treat for yourself.


My camera isn’t good enough to focus on what is engraved.

I had a really amazing time and I got to see my long distance best friend. Would you like to read a FFS review?

billie xox

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