Real Techniques Limited Edition Cheek and Lip Set

If you saw my Superdrug Haul that recently came out you might be aware that I bought the Real Techniques Limited Edition Cheek and Lip Set. I needed to wash my other brushes and I really didn’t want to clean them, it takes effort and patience and I don’t have that. Soooo I bought this limited edition kit. The kit its self was £20.99, but I think I got it on offer. I’ve lost the receipt so who knows!

Microfiber compact cheek brush

This is the densely packed, UltraPlush bristles cheek brush. This a really dense and soft brush. I’d really recommend it for blending make up out, the angle of the brush would give a really nice finish. The bristles are synthetic but I cant get over how soft they are.

duo-fiber contour brush

Next is the Duo-fiber Contour Brush. This brush has a really nice stippling effect to it, its angled on the sides but the bristles are at different lengths. I wouldn’t recommend this brush for blending or finishing however because of the stippled affect it would be amazing for sculpting.


This is a really nice Travel Lip Brush, like most travel brushes this brush came with a nice lid. My favourite feature is that this brush retracts though so I can go tiny. I love how compact this is. For the bristles they are fine and would be absolutely perfect for a lip contour.

Overall, I’m impressed with the quality of these brushes. All of them are soft and seem to be strong. I haven’t experienced any shedding with any of them at all so far, we will see how they hold up over the extensive use they will endure.

See you next time!

billie xox

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