Roseannah Colour Match Event

Around a month ago, I was invited be Becky of Country Pearls to a colour matching evening at Roseannah, a local, ethical business that specialises in quality accessories.


The shop its self its a very modern and open space, filled with gorgeous displays. There are then two large mirrors where we spent most of the event looking into. We were shown what colours suit our tones best and how to accessorise to bring out our features.


I was told that I have very warm tones, so I should stick to pastels and burgundies. Which is okay because these are my favourite colours! I really enjoyed learning about colours and highlighting our features.

However what I was truely interested in was the ethics of the company. I couldn’t believe all of the charity work that as business they do. While supporting various charities, Roseannah are fighting human trafficking, a cause that is so important in our lives. There are thousands of people who a trafficked every year, more people need to stand up and fight against this travesty.  The work the Roseannah does the human kind is something that needs to be highlighted and discussed so much further.

I had a really great evening, and I would love to come back to learn how I can help with supporting these charities.

billie xox

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