About I am Billie

I am Billie is a  Sheffield based blogger with a passion for make up and food! On my blog you will find reviews, advice, recipes, make up tutorials and anything else going on in my life. I have trained in every job role going pretty much and this has given me a massive range of interests, I spent a year training in IT, 2 years studying performing arts, I completed a teaching assistant course then studied professional cookery. Now at the age of  20 I work in recruitment, I run the social media for the company as well as their blog!

My blog is for me talk about what interests me or to vent, I often right reviews of products, events and places. So this brings in readers who are looking to buy/visit the things. I also write a lot about lifestyle, as I am often told that I need my own documentary, this brings in an younger audience. For some reason they can find my crazy life relatable

Majority of my readers are aged between 16 and 30, due to the range of subjects I write about – the majority of my readers are also based here in UK.

I am currently working with a few brands whose logos will appear here, when I eventually get you use my laptop.( I’m stuck on an Ipad – I hate using wordpress like this…)

If you wish to contact me you can find me lurking on the following social media sites;

Twitter: @IBeBillie
Facebook: I Am Billie
Instagram: Mynameisbillie

Alternatively you can always email me on billiehyde95@gmail.com



I am Billie is Sheffield based blogger whose blog has recently started gaining more views and interest. Due to this influx in blogging requirement I have decided to put this disclaimer together for my own future reference.

– Reviews will always be written from my personal experience of the product, even if it is a sponsored post as I will always have creative content.
– Every item will be clearly marked at the bottom of my post and will have an * around the item(s), even if ASA Guidelines say I don’t technically have to, this is how I run my website and I am completely transparent with my readers.
– If I do not like a product, have a reaction or if it isn’t fit for my personal use and do not see it making good content, even as a negative review, I can and will choose to not feature it at all. 
– Depending on the product, I do charge for reviews, prices will be reasonable and will vary.
– I do run giveaways but I only give items away that I have personally used myself and can fully recommend. Exclusions apply.
– Content is not available to be checked or pre-approved before posting, not even if sponsored, as I have full creative control.