My First “Proper” Job

As you might know I’ve had a few different types of jobs since I turned 16. I think I’ve worked in most industries, which would surprise most people as I’m only 21. I thought I’d tell you about my first “proper” job. By proper job I mean, Monday – Friday 40 hours a week.  This was an apprenticeship in business and administration, I was working as a receptionist at a doctors surgery. I’m not going to lie this was my favourite job, I’ve ever had.

I loved all the drama that happened daily at the surgery, everyday was an emotional roller-coaster, I was 19 while working there. I felt like I was really growing in to the role, I new how to handle the high pressured environment, I have always been fascinated by illness. That sounds really disturbed, but I have an un-diagnosed illness that has affected me my whole life, and health has grown into an obsession for me. The NHS was a great opportunity to learn the ins and out of every day life. I gained so many interchangeable skills, the dealing with difficult patients training is something that I still use every day.

However while this all sounds positive, because of this job i grew as a person, not for the best reasons.  I wasn’t always treated as member of the team, when I was working with the big reception team at the larger surgery I often felt unwelcome and was left to do the jobs that meant I was up in a corner on a different floor alone. Which is okay I’m happy to be on my own, but it’s nice to talk to people occasionally.


Another bad point of this job was for me that I lived at the opposite side of the city and I couldn’t drive. I we’re travelling 3 hours a day to and from work. I left in the dark and came home in the dark. It made me  feel disconnected from real life. I’m sure lots of people do this, but I stuck it out for 7 months.

Finally, the reason that I grew some balls, figuratively. After 6 months I felt like I growing into the team, I wasn’t hidden away anymore, I had my own responsibilities. I really felt like I had settled in. Then one day we was talking as a group about the team, and people who were leaving. Then one of my colleagues said something along the lines of “no offence, Billie, but we’re talking about the team, not you. You’re the apprentice you are not a member of the team”. I snapped on the inside. I covered for everyone so much, I took the blame for things because I was the youngest and the apprentice I’d get a stern telling off then things would blow over all to protect my “team”. In that instance I stopped caring. I had my driving test a few days later, which I failed. On my way back to work, I swung by a recruitment agency and had got myself there starting the next month. I walking in to the surgery, wrote my notice. On my leaving interview, I said I’m leaving because I’m not a member of the team.

Off I went. I stopped letting people walk over me, started a new job, had new dramas, which is a whole other character building post for another day. Its been two years since I worked in the NHS, and I’m not going to lie. I couldn’t be happier. Don’t stand for anyone not making you feel welcome. Try your absolute best at everything and trust yourself. Take chances and learn for yourself.

I know this was a big lots of words post. If you’d like to know about my other jobs let me know, some of them were pretty crazy.

billie xox

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Would you rather

Guys I started vlogging, let me know what you think! Find more of me at

My Obsession

This isn’t going to be a long post, or even a detailed post. I’m literally just highlighting my current obsession/addiction. You all are aware that I have a shopping problem. I always have, I probably always will.
This addiction has become tsum what of a problem.

I am addicted/obsessed/in love with Disney Tsum Tsums.


So far I only have thirteen, but these are all that are on my birthday wish list. It all started when my ex bought me a couple last year for my birthday. He bought me Stitch for my birthday.


When I passed my driving test last August I then got Winnie and Donald.


In the last few months I’ve found myself them more and more. Now I’ve got a cute little pyramid of tsums. I’ve vowed to keep buying them until I have the full little mermaid collection.


Ariel, Triton, Eric, Sebastian. You will be mine and until then I will just keep collecting and hoarding from other collections.


Do you collect Tsum Tsums? Do you like posts like this? Who is your favourite Disney character?
Please answer these super important questions below!

billie xox

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Valley Centertainment Blogger Evening

A few weeks a go, I was part of a lucky few to get invited along to the Valley Centertainment Bloggers Evening, we will be call VCBE from now on though. For those who aren’t from Sheffield Valley Centertainment is a hub of restaurants, and all of the fun things. Like play areas of kids, laser quest, mini golf, cinema. If you ever come to our little city it’s definitely a place you need to visit.
I met up with most of the bloggers in Starbucks for a coffee and a catch up before we headed over to Hollywood Bowl where we were treated to half an hour of bowling at Hollywood Bowl. I’m not competitive, but when I lose at anything I want to cry. I quickly became annoying to everyone else when they we’re doing well and I was trying to find ways to cheat. I didn’t win, but one of the girls were nice enough to give me her winner sticker.

Then it was my time to shine! We went to laser quest, and when I said I’m not competitive I was lying! We chose our names for the game, the girls all had their real names and I called myself ‘Winner’.  I was in my element. I hid in one spot and everyone just kept not expecting me and getting shot. Rightly so, I was hot, sweaty and finally a winner.


After running up an appetite, we headed over to Chiquitos for a cocktail and some food. I ordered a frozen Mojito because I’m classic winner, just like the mojito. I ordered Salmon fajita and a bowl of coleslaw for dinner, and the were so delicious. Everyone knows I have a crazy obsession with coleslaw – I was satisfied


Once we had eaten we headed for a short round of crazy golf at paradise island. We split up into teams and had 20 minutes to complete as much of the course as we could. I hate golf. I’m rubbish at it, and uneven floors mean I trip up a lot. I didn’t win but I tried and that is all that matters, is what I tell myself with gritted teeth.

After tiring ourselves out at crazy golf we headed to Frankie & Benny’s to sample a handful of their desserts. I’ve never been happier. I live on mojitos, I happily necked it and sampled all of the puddings but the banoffee pie. My personal favourite was the chocolate oreo fudge cake thing.


The other girls headed to the cinema and all of the winning had tired me out, so I headed home to have a well deserved sleep.  I would really like to thank all of the businesses and Valley Centertainment of inviting me along. I had an amazing time.

billie xox

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Roseannah Colour Match Event

Around a month ago, I was invited be Becky of Country Pearls to a colour matching evening at Roseannah, a local, ethical business that specialises in quality accessories.


The shop its self its a very modern and open space, filled with gorgeous displays. There are then two large mirrors where we spent most of the event looking into. We were shown what colours suit our tones best and how to accessorise to bring out our features.


I was told that I have very warm tones, so I should stick to pastels and burgundies. Which is okay because these are my favourite colours! I really enjoyed learning about colours and highlighting our features.

However what I was truely interested in was the ethics of the company. I couldn’t believe all of the charity work that as business they do. While supporting various charities, Roseannah are fighting human trafficking, a cause that is so important in our lives. There are thousands of people who a trafficked every year, more people need to stand up and fight against this travesty.  The work the Roseannah does the human kind is something that needs to be highlighted and discussed so much further.

I had a really great evening, and I would love to come back to learn how I can help with supporting these charities.

billie xox

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Friction Free Shaving Cocktail Masterclass

A few weeks ago, I was  invited to the Friction Free Shaving‘s Cocktail Masterclass at Bar Opus, Birmingham to celebrate them smashing their crowdfunding goal!  I was a tad nervous about attending after my last visit to Birmingham but I was going t meet up with best friend and fellow blogger natalie.

In honour of FFS massive achievement they put together this amazing master class to say thank you and to show off a new feature that they will be bringing out.

We arrived in birmingham with a warm welcome, a FFS goody bag and a glass of wine. This even was already a winner at this point.


The first cocktail we made was the Samantha which was named after FFS’ best selling razor. This drink was a concoction of Chase lemon cello, lemonade and lemongrass. This was so refreshing and sweet, I pretty much drank it like pop it was so nice


Our second drink was Faye, which one of FFS other razors which is only model I haven’t tried. The drink its self was honeycomb, honey,  honey whisky and milk. Unfortunately milk doesn’t really agree with me but Natalie thoroughly enjoyed drinking two.

482We then made Frankie, the final cocktail of the day. This was by far my favourite, layers of some kind of liqueur, rosewater and Prosecco. I found bliss in this drink…

Now lets nosey into this goody bag.

492So there was a new razor, some Joe and Sephs Popcorn and a whisk. All local brands and a quirky mix. But that pop corn though.

But here comes the best part. My razor was personalised, Samantha has my name engraved! Which is fantastic, its such a cute feature to be bringing out and could make such a wonderful gift or a treat for yourself.


My camera isn’t good enough to focus on what is engraved.

I had a really amazing time and I got to see my long distance best friend. Would you like to read a FFS review?

billie xox

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So I disappeared again.

Hey girl, hey.  So I have disappeared for a little while again and I thought I’d let you know why.

Mainly I’ve not been here because I feel ill all of the time. I have an undiagnosed stomach problem that I’ve had forever but sometimes it flares up and makes me feel like death. I have been referred to the hospital again but I’ve had to wait 4 months until an appointment and I’ve got another month to go.  So that’s the biggest player in not been as social

Then I have my busy, crazy and weird life. I work in recruitment so I am stressed at least 300% of the time. When I’m feeling well I tend to be at an event. I have so many to write up for all of you. yaay!

I’ve also spent way too much time with 4 of my favourite people who are also Sheffield bloggers we’ve been planning the #steelcityblogmeet for 6 months now and its so close to the event. Which brings to to reason 60 of why I’ve not been blogging.

SOCIAL ANXIETY. I am so freaking nervous and stressed out to a point where the only way I’m not getting worked up is by  sleeping. I’m sure I’ll feel better once the stress of the event is over and I’ll be fine. I know my anxiety so its nothing I can’t work through.

I’m sure your all thinking “gee, that is a lot going on, Bill”.  I’ve had my usual ‘Billie Dramas’ going on as per. I went gluten free. I started eating gluten again. I went on a date that wasn’t a date. I had two car accidents, ish. Boy Drama. My little sister has out grown me. I made a whole branch of a company fall out with me.

If anyone wants more in depth of my dilemmas just ask, I have no secrets just mental scars that will make decent blog posts one day.

We’ve got lots to talk about, dear reader.

billie xox

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