Urban Decay – Primer Potion 

Guys prepare your self I’ve got so much products to review at the minute so there won’t be much variation unil I’ve got through this huge to do list!
First off I’m reviewing the amazing Urban Decay Primer Potion, this primer is so good. It makes removing high pigmented make up a dream as it prevents the pigments staining your skin. I feel like my make up doesn’t feel cake-y when I use it, everything just smooths out. Obviously primer is to prepare your skin for make up usage but the more you read into it you find they it has so many good properties. It also has brightening and tightening properties which means it’s anti ageing. Yay. However as I have the face of a 12 year old that doesn’t make much difference for me.

I have being using the product for a few months now and after a while I have found this product to become less special. I have found that the primer doesn’t hold my make up in place as well as I initially thought.

It’s really good product but I doubt I will be buying this again. I can buy product that are just as good but with a nicer price tag.

This is my first Urban Decay product I’m curious about their products, do you have any recommendations?
Billie xxx


LeafLight Bluebell Imbued Moisturing Cream

So you guys know how I hosted bloggersfunday a few month ago? Well I’ve decided to revisit some of the products which we received I am reviewing LeafLight Bluebell Imbued Moisturing Cream. As a company Leaflight are great, they put up with me harassing them for products for everyone. Love you LeafLight 😘.
But now on to the product it’s really good as a way to calm eczema and dry skin, it’s really soothing and smells nice. It’s actually one of the best moisturisers I’ve used on my eczema it even gives my diprobase a run for its money.

However it has a really thick consistency which I really don’t like on my face, both me and my sister have been using it as a body moisturiser and I think this is what it’s best at being. We both use it at night before bed but we find that because of its thickness that we can only use small amounts.

Its a good product as it does what it says on the tin but personally it isn’t for me facially wise. However now the seasons are changing and my skin is flaring up I am really loving it.

See you next time

Billie xxx

Superdrug Micellar Cleansing Facial Wipes Review

I always try to go for branded when it comes to skin care as my skin is really sensitive and gets easily irritated. So today when I was hopelessly wandering around Superdrug I saw their Micellar Cleansing Facial Wipes I decided that I had to try them. I’ve used Nivea Micellar water before and I had mixed feelings about it.

image1 - Copy (2)

The wipes are exactly what you’d expect, when looking at them there is nothing special. Unlike other face wipes they haven’t made my face sore and in one wipe it removed my eye liner and waterproof mascara. That is something amazing! No word of a lie, the picture below is a before and after for taking off my eye make up. There was only one wipe on this.

Make up remover

Superdrug you have finally made face wipes that are suited to me. Thanks!

Have you used micellar products before? What are your opinions?

Billie xox

Soap & Glory Sexy XL Mother Pucker Extreme Plump – First Impressions

Like many girls, I am very self concious about many parts of my anatomy and ever since the gorgeous Kylie Jenner started flaunting her amazing lips I have hated my thin lips. I’ve looked into buying plumping lip products but I’ve always been a little apprehensive. Then today I decided to start using my boots points.

The packaging is the soap and glory standard, its pink and shiny. It is enough to draw anyone in! Oh no,  THERE IS A WARNING “this lip gloss will almost immediately plump, buzz, tingle and zing (it’s not for the meek of mouth). That’s a little scary. The tip of the lip gloss is a slanted tip so you can evenly spread the product around.  I’ll stop trying to put off using this now, the plumping scares me a little.
soap and glory
Please notice the thinness of my lips in the Selfie below
I am Billie Selfie

When applying this to lips I found that it smelt like chocolate which made it a lot more appealing. I’ve applied the product quite lightly because I want to wear lipstick once it takes effect. After around 30 second the tingling started, it isn’t as bad as i expected though. Its quite nice. I did get it on my tongue though and that is a very uncomfortable. After a few minutes I did notice a difference but I’m not sure on how long to leave this on for. Ten minutes have passed by and my lips are still tingling. This is great. LOOK HOW BIG MY LIPS ARE!


Does anybody know of any more plumping products? Or do you have any tips for me to get bigger lips?

Please let me know!

Billie xox

My skincare routine.

I enjoy going down town as much as anybody, although I don’t go as often as most eighteen year olds do. However when I go, I go! I get dolled up, put on my best dress and my heels (I blatantly just lied to you, I can’t walk in heels). I love feeling pretty, mainly I love playing with makeup, but towns a good reason to try to do my make up nicely. This particular night I am intending to write about is my new friend and pugs girlfriends’ momma, Danielle. It’s her hen night! Yay! Penis straws and cocktails galore! We went cocktail making at Revolución de Cuba. This is a blog for another day. Calm down.  This blog is about how to not get bad skin after wearing lots and lots of make up also for looking after skin during the summer ! Which I had time to do the same night as the hen night! I had to leave early due to my illness causing an agonising tummy ache. Pity me?

Oh look here’s a picture of all the things you’ll need and some accidental Marc Jacobs and Little Mermaid product placement. As you can see I mainly use Boots cucumber facial products this is because it’s good for all skin types and I suffer from eczema on my face, this product doesn’t irritate or inflame my skin.


Start off by washing your face and patting yourself dry (you pat so you don’t irritate your skin, rubbing causes redness).I recommend using a tea tree face wash if you are spotty or a cleansing one if you have patchy and dry skin like me. Once clean you should remove any remaining make up with makeup remover. I always have trouble washing off my eye makeups. Your face must become a plain canvas once again.


Once the face is dry I recommend using a clay face mask, this makes your face feel refreshed once it comes off s. First there is a lovely wait for it to set, on mine I had to wait 3 minutes. I used this time to terrorise my pug by holding him to the mirror and repeatedly telling him that he is the prettiest pug in the land… but you can do what you want with this time. Once the mask has set wash your face again with cool water to relax your pores.


Next get a cotton ball and rub a toner all around your face, this gets rid of any stubborn or hidden make up that you might have missed and slightly evens out your skin i.e. blends in red patches. Now you can put on any eye creams you have which will prevent dark circles when you wake up the next morning with your excruciating hang over. I always put a little bit of lip balm on so my lips don’t dry out from my alcohol induced dehydrated state. Finally I moisturise. Simples.


E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation Review.

Hello reader long time no blog, how are you? I’m not too good, I spent my week being ill, yay! Then ending up in hospital, even more yay! I’ve not bothered trying to look half decent at all this week, I’m talking about tracksuits and pyjamas being the standard! But I’m home now – still not well but my painkillers are strong and keeping me going. I’ve spent all my first day home looking poo and now at 21:46 I cannot take it any more, so I’m trying out my new foundation for you all.


Its E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation, in porcelain. It feels fantastic on my skin, not oily or dry. Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all (this is reminding my of The Simpsons, please reread that sentence in Ned Flanders voice, thanks). Which you don’t always get sometimes you can feel  the foundation on your skin.
It also has great coverage, I’ve not been sleeping too much while in hospital and I developed bags under my eye and this product covered it perfectly, Good job guys.
My only flaw is not the products problem, I’m too pale and it makes me look a little orangey. Not as bad as other products I’ve tried however my search for a perfect foundation will have to keep going.
I will be wearing this for a while, until I run out and start another mission.


I actually really like this product, If only they would bring out lighter shades. (hint, hint. Elf).

Does anyone have any suggestions for pale foundations?

Hollywood lashes and why I hate them

Something that I see a lot that other lifestyle and beauty bloggers do is share anecdotes, fun little stories about their life. So after a while of consideration I decided that I’m a clumsy individual who’s entire existence had been a series of pitfalls, obviously this means I probably have something to share. Funny thing is after writing this far, to be exact, I hit a writer’s block…

And after twenty minutes of thinking I decided to go through my facebook, surely I must have posted something dumb or funny I did a while back, and I found one from the time I decided to splash out and pay for Hollywood Lashes. A tag from my sister mocking me, keep reading then you’ll understand!

My stunningly amazing long eye lashes lasted me a week of the 12 week guarantee, and for the first three days I loved them.  I spent £30 on them, they took two hours to do and they were nice but the trouble started before they were on.
I was laying there on a lovely soft bed type thing, 100% relaxed. The beautician was carefully placing on my new eyelashes while I relaxed. The more I relaxed the more sleepy I got and after 10 minutes I was gone. Which is fine a perfectly normal thing to do. Except I talk in my sleepy. I have no recollection of what I said or could have shared. All I know when they was done the beautician was been particularly awkward with me; she wouldn’t ask me things or make eye contact. So I can definitely say it was something that I don’t want to remember.

Then when I got home, I went to show my younger sister them, who thought it would be a good idea to ask me to lean closer to her. I should have expected a prank, but I didn’t.
I leant in one eye closed the other wide open and I got closer she decided to poke me in the eye. OUCH! I couldn’t believe it. I had a poorly eye and lost some of my brand new eyelashes. Fuming was an understatement.

Day 6 of eyelashes, eczema strikes. My face decided to get eczema more specifically my eye area, which caused me to rub my eyes – a lot – all my eyelashes fell excluding 6 which clung on for the dear life. I had to pluck them out just to not look weird. By the seventh day they were gone for good!

I absolutely hated my entire experience with Hollywood lashes, but I can’t give them a bad review, they were lovely. The only reason I hated them was due to circumstance. As usual things just didn’t work out for me. Maybe it’s just meant to be this way.