1 Year Of Deliveroo In Sheffield!

Recently I was approached by a brand who provides one of my favourite things ever, Food! Deliveroo is a food delivery service that brings you quality food from local restaurants. Its like Uber but with food. So you know its going to be good to start with. In Sheffield there is a massive amount of restaurants that work with Deliveroo and will have their delivered. I was trying out there service to celebrate their first birthday in Sheffield.

Deliveroo Celebrate one year in Sheffield
Deliveroo Celebrate one year in Sheffield – Pictured on the bicycle is Jonathan Knox 

Unfortunately for me, I live outside of the delivery radius, but I work in the city centre so there wasn’t any problems getting food sent through. I have been reassured they are looking at serving more areas. Yay!


You can order from the app or the website, its really simple. You pick where you want to eat from, what you want and then what time you want it to arrive for (you can order up to a day in advance also). Easy peasy. What impressed me most was tracking the food, there nothing finer than watching your phone and seeing the food be delivered on the app. When you can’t religiously stare at your phone you get notifications of where the food is and every step in its cooking process.

I think its an amazing service and I’m forever waiting for the day my postcode gets delivered too. I will be ordering from them everyday. Its so worth it!

Billie xoxo 

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*This post is sponsored by deliveroo however all opinions are my own*


Valley Centertainment Blogger Evening

A few weeks a go, I was part of a lucky few to get invited along to the Valley Centertainment Bloggers Evening, we will be call VCBE from now on though. For those who aren’t from Sheffield Valley Centertainment is a hub of restaurants, and all of the fun things. Like play areas of kids, laser quest, mini golf, cinema. If you ever come to our little city it’s definitely a place you need to visit.
I met up with most of the bloggers in Starbucks for a coffee and a catch up before we headed over to Hollywood Bowl where we were treated to half an hour of bowling at Hollywood Bowl. I’m not competitive, but when I lose at anything I want to cry. I quickly became annoying to everyone else when they we’re doing well and I was trying to find ways to cheat. I didn’t win, but one of the girls were nice enough to give me her winner sticker.

Then it was my time to shine! We went to laser quest, and when I said I’m not competitive I was lying! We chose our names for the game, the girls all had their real names and I called myself ‘Winner’.  I was in my element. I hid in one spot and everyone just kept not expecting me and getting shot. Rightly so, I was hot, sweaty and finally a winner.


After running up an appetite, we headed over to Chiquitos for a cocktail and some food. I ordered a frozen Mojito because I’m classic winner, just like the mojito. I ordered Salmon fajita and a bowl of coleslaw for dinner, and the were so delicious. Everyone knows I have a crazy obsession with coleslaw – I was satisfied


Once we had eaten we headed for a short round of crazy golf at paradise island. We split up into teams and had 20 minutes to complete as much of the course as we could. I hate golf. I’m rubbish at it, and uneven floors mean I trip up a lot. I didn’t win but I tried and that is all that matters, is what I tell myself with gritted teeth.

After tiring ourselves out at crazy golf we headed to Frankie & Benny’s to sample a handful of their desserts. I’ve never been happier. I live on mojitos, I happily necked it and sampled all of the puddings but the banoffee pie. My personal favourite was the chocolate oreo fudge cake thing.


The other girls headed to the cinema and all of the winning had tired me out, so I headed home to have a well deserved sleep.  I would really like to thank all of the businesses and Valley Centertainment of inviting me along. I had an amazing time.

billie xox

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Strada’s Spring Soiree

Recently I was invited along to the Strada Spring Soiree, to celebrate the relaunch of Strada’s Sheffield branch. The whole point of the event was to see the newly  modernised restaurant (which looks amazing). However I was allowed to order as much food and drinks as I wanted.

holy shit balls

Before I go on reviewing the menu and the restaurant I would just like you all to know, I attended this event with fellow blogger Becky  so I didn’t eat a ridiculous amount of food n my own, we shared a ridiculous amount of food evenly.

Unfortunately I hadn’t been to the restaurant before I am not able to compare how the it looks now. I can however say that the restaurant is lovely and open, and it has a really relaxed vibe.


I’d never attended a soiree before, I didn’t know how to dress for this event.


I wore this adorable dress which I bought last year at New Look. I thought this dress fitted the spring theme, and I think it was a good choice. I love a floral pattern and even more I love this shade of blue. Its got a vintage vibe and its a great dress for any busty ladies, like myself. I don’t own many pairs of shows so I paired this with addidas trainers. I’m not good at this fashion malarkey but I’m working on it. Roll on summer so I can pair jelly shoes with dresses.


We devoured 4 starters, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. That’s right 4 starters.

Strada Starters

We sampled food from the April Chefs Starters and the normal menu and I can not even express how yummy the food is. We sampled the Chilli and the Garlic Prawns, Arancini, Crispy Squid and Chicken Liver Bruschetta. Its not often when I can’t pick a favourite, but every single one of these starters were delicious.


You know what’s better than 4 starters? 4 mains! I went there. We just kept eating.

Mains Strada

We wanted to sample one of every type of food, we tried the Penne Carbonara, a Margherita, Seafood Risotto and the Trout. I actually did have a clear favourite out of the starters. You’d be surprised but the favourite part of the mains where the lentils which were paired with the trout. I’d never had lentils before and I don’t know why but it has triggered an obsession in.


Who’d have thought we would be still eating?

dessert strada

We could not decide on what dessert to have so, Strada offered us a dessert platter. As you can see above we had Chocolate Fondant, Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake, Pannacotta, Pear and Almond Tart aaaaaaand Chocolate Ice Cream. The best dessert here was the Pannacotta, again its another food I hadn’t tried before. It was so yum.


Shots! Shots! Shots!

Drunks strada

Just kidding we had prosecco and cocktails. We enjoyed some lovely proseccos and two delicious Elderflower Spritz.

The food was so so so yummy and the drinks were on point. I didn’t get drunk and no bad decisions were made, this is a win for me!

billie xox

Tapas Revolution VIP Menu Testing

On the 16th March the newest editions to Meadowhall Oasis will be opening, the Fabulous Tapas Revolution is opening. I got invited along to the menu testing, there was a Georgina and Lucy who also got invited along. I was so happy to have been invited by Georgina to go as I love Spanish food! So lets break down the night.

I arrived late, I got lost – it will be easy to find in Meadowhall – the event was hosted in a pop up venue on Chesterfield Road. When I got there I received a warm welcome and a glass of Sangria. I happily took a seat next to Lucy and Georgina we then had a good chat and catch up.


Around 7.30 the owner of Tapas Revolution, Omar Allibhoy came out from the kitchen to tell his story, more about the restaurant and his food. Omar originally got the idea from a case of food love and wanderlust. Omar was with his friends one day and saw a map of the UK. He then drew a T across the map and decided he will stop everywhere he can across this T and cook real Spanish food for us brits. Starting at Liverpool Omar started his journey and made his way to Grimsby. Then he travelled all the way down to the Isle of White. This journey took him 15 days and all of the response and reviews he got from people passing by inspired him to start a Tapas Revolution, hence the name. Below you will see a copy of the menu we had on the night.


I could not pick a fault in anything we ate, it was all delicious. Honestly I can’t even explain how fresh all of the food tasted. My top 3 items was the Paella Valenciana, the Chirizo a la Sidre and the Albondigas con Salsa. If you go to Tapas Rev you need to try these three options.


Chirizo A La Sidre
The food and the drinks just flowed the whole atmosphere was amazing. As the night drew to a close Omar popped out to speak to us all again and to continue with his generosity we was gifted with a goody bag. Which was filled to the brim. We was given a copy of Omars book which he signed for us, drinks and the key to spanish cooking, a tin of Parika.


I am so excited to try out the recipes in this book and beers. I can not wait for the restaurant to open and I really recommend you all try them out.
What is your favourite Tapas dish?

Billie xox

Quick and Healthy Pizza

I’ve been saying that I would share my Pizza recipe for ages now, and although its taken me months to do, I am a girl of my word.

So what will you need?

  • A Wrap Bread
  • Tomato Puree
  • Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Spinach
  • Chilli Peppers
  • An Egg
  • Salt and Pepper

Okay So First you’ll need to put the wrap in to a large frying pan which is slightly oiled. I use one spray of Fry Light. Then preheat your Grill to like 180 Celsius and preheat the stove to a medium to high temperature. Then cover the wrap with tomato puree, I don’t use the puree I make my own marinara sauce, then start to build your pizza. What I’ve put in the ingredient lists are just what I use. When I make my sister a pizza she just has pepperoni with no cheese, how boring is that?!


Once your pizza is looking how you want it to, put the pan with it all in on the stove. This will cook the base off the pizza and make it nice and crispy, just like a thin-crisp pizza. Leave this on the stove for like 2 minutes then put it under the grill. You will then need to leave this under the grill until the cheese is fully melted, this could take up to 5 minutes.

Then wham, bam, thank you mam! You have a freshly made pizza and its not even been 15 minutes.