My First “Proper” Job

As you might know I’ve had a few different types of jobs since I turned 16. I think I’ve worked in most industries, which would surprise most people as I’m only 21. I thought I’d tell you about my first “proper” job. By proper job I mean, Monday – Friday 40 hours a week.  This was an apprenticeship in business and administration, I was working as a receptionist at a doctors surgery. I’m not going to lie this was my favourite job, I’ve ever had.

I loved all the drama that happened daily at the surgery, everyday was an emotional roller-coaster, I was 19 while working there. I felt like I was really growing in to the role, I new how to handle the high pressured environment, I have always been fascinated by illness. That sounds really disturbed, but I have an un-diagnosed illness that has affected me my whole life, and health has grown into an obsession for me. The NHS was a great opportunity to learn the ins and out of every day life. I gained so many interchangeable skills, the dealing with difficult patients training is something that I still use every day.

However while this all sounds positive, because of this job i grew as a person, not for the best reasons.  I wasn’t always treated as member of the team, when I was working with the big reception team at the larger surgery I often felt unwelcome and was left to do the jobs that meant I was up in a corner on a different floor alone. Which is okay I’m happy to be on my own, but it’s nice to talk to people occasionally.


Another bad point of this job was for me that I lived at the opposite side of the city and I couldn’t drive. I we’re travelling 3 hours a day to and from work. I left in the dark and came home in the dark. It made me  feel disconnected from real life. I’m sure lots of people do this, but I stuck it out for 7 months.

Finally, the reason that I grew some balls, figuratively. After 6 months I felt like I growing into the team, I wasn’t hidden away anymore, I had my own responsibilities. I really felt like I had settled in. Then one day we was talking as a group about the team, and people who were leaving. Then one of my colleagues said something along the lines of “no offence, Billie, but we’re talking about the team, not you. You’re the apprentice you are not a member of the team”. I snapped on the inside. I covered for everyone so much, I took the blame for things because I was the youngest and the apprentice I’d get a stern telling off then things would blow over all to protect my “team”. In that instance I stopped caring. I had my driving test a few days later, which I failed. On my way back to work, I swung by a recruitment agency and had got myself there starting the next month. I walking in to the surgery, wrote my notice. On my leaving interview, I said I’m leaving because I’m not a member of the team.

Off I went. I stopped letting people walk over me, started a new job, had new dramas, which is a whole other character building post for another day. Its been two years since I worked in the NHS, and I’m not going to lie. I couldn’t be happier. Don’t stand for anyone not making you feel welcome. Try your absolute best at everything and trust yourself. Take chances and learn for yourself.

I know this was a big lots of words post. If you’d like to know about my other jobs let me know, some of them were pretty crazy.

billie xox

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How Ru Paul’s Drag Race Made Me A Sassier Person

Start your engines. As it is Ru Pauls birthday today I thought I would share with you why I love Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Ru Paul’s Drag Race is easily the sassiest, most fabulous show on the tv!  This show embraces beauty, performance and art like no other. Showing the shimmering beauty of the world of drag  in a complex and creative competition to become Ru Paul’s Next Drag Superstar. This show inspired me in so many ways to become a sassier person. 

Changes in my make up

I became so much more confident in what make up I could wear. I started to embrace colours I would have never dared to have tried. Bring pinks, neon yellows and extreme contouring have all been tried and tested now. Contouring is now an art that I have truly mastered although I would never compare my skills to the true queens on contouring you seeing drag race. I have embraced matching bright pink eyes with bright pink lips which is something I would have never dared to do. In some ways my make up has always been fairly natural. 

 Body confidence 

Although I’m not “large and in charge” like the lovely Latrice Royale and I’m not slim like Sharon Needles I do suffer a lot with body confidence issues. Seeing these gourgeous queens work it inspired my so much. I used to cover up a lot, mostly my arms because I hate them. But is these queens can embrace themselves and put themselves on show so much while looking absolutely fabulous, well, so can I! I have started wearing clothes that I look awesome in but in the last I would have only dreamed of wearing because of my arms.

Sassier ways of speaking

I have picked up so many phrases from this show,  I am constantly calling my friends ” basic bitches” which I think is hilarious.  Below are some of my favourite lines which I use too often

  • Your tone seems very pointed right now
  • Now sashay away
  • I will search in the bottom of my purse for a fuck to give, and I can’t find one
  • I pity you for the face you have 
  • I will pee on your pillow 
  • Girl, you are shady. Shadier than a palm tree

Mainly this show has given me more confidence to embrace myself and to not let anyone judge me. 

Happy Birthday Mama Ru!

Billie xox