Moschino Fresh Couture

On my flight back from Barcelona the evil airport tricked me in to buying thing again! Doesn’t it understand that I am broke? How dare it… Anyway I can clean away the badness of this with Moschino Fresh Couture! My latest perfume purchase is disguised as a bottle of window cleaner. I can hide this away so no one will know I went shopping.

Like the name says, this is a very fresh smelling perfume with a slight fruitiness to it. It’s a really light perfume, its an amazing day time wear. Its not too heavy or strong, its subtle but lasts all day for work.

Billiecam 270.JPG

Although the whole appearance of the bottle is very much a gimmick, it’s a very cute and quirky bottle. However I did find a few things Moschino could have improved on, take notes Moschino. While looking like it has a squeeze-y spritz-y thing like cleaning products have, you need to turn the squeezer until it comes off to reveal a normal press down sprizter. That was phrased in a very Billie way, so if you don’t quite understand what I mean is that its a shame it doesnt spray from the top of the bottle.  It would have been 300 times cooler you didn’t have to take off the top to spray it.

Also the price, its like £50 for 50mls, I got it in duty free so it was a little cheaper for me, I kind of feel like its a lot to pay for a gimmick. While I have my qualms about this product, I do really enjoy how it looks and I think the fragrance is perfect for my day to day life, I shouldn’t complain really.

What do you think of this product? What is your favourite perfume.

billie xox

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Summer Must Haves From Lush

Last week we had sun in the UK.  We had sun, it was freaking hot. I loved it. I’m going to be showing you my favourite Lush products for the summer. I’m completely leaving out sun creams and SPF’s from this post for a couple of reasons.

1, I’m pretty much dead, I’m so pale and I don’t tan or burn.
2, I don’t much about SPF’s and I don’t want to recommend a product that I don’t fully understand.

Let’s get on with the products now I’ve got that cleared up. We’re going to go through the products in the order I would use these as well, this is so organised for me.

Yuzu and Cocoa
This shower cream smells like chocolate orange, its refreshing and it really lifts my mood.


Life’s a Beach
I like to mix a little bit of this in with Yuzu and Cocoa to exfoliate so my skin is extra smooth and soft. My biggest concern when I bought this is would it block the drain, but since using this I’ve found that because it is all natural products that it is fine, for the drains and environment. Thought I’d throw in some shade here at microbeads.


Karma Kream
Lets get real here, I hate the smell of this, I don’t know what it is. Its really heavy and strong and not summery. The reason I recommend this product for the summer is how amazing for the skin all of the ingredients are. I suffer with eczema and dry skin, its worse in the summer than any other time of the year and this product is so moisturising I couldn’t not include it. Karma Kream is my go to summer moisturiser, I use it at night before I go to bed. Its cooling for these warm nights then it works its wonders while I sleep. By morning my skin is soft and the smell has faded.


Breath of Fresh Air 
Toner is a must all year round. Breath of Fresh Air is fantastic for the summer because a quick spritz removes swear and dirt from your skin while its cooling. Its so refreshing on a warm day. I use this in the morning and before I go to sleep to clean my pores.



Aaaaaaaand thats it for my favourite summer products from Lush. What are your summer must haves?

billie xox


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Kiehl’s Haul

My gorgeous friends a Kiehl’s meadowhall are my absolute favourite people, they provided goodies for my event, they keep letting me stop by for facials and sharing their amazing products with me. The Sheffield blogger girls and myself are working with thoroughly to share some of these opportunities with the local blogger community.

However this is all for the future and completely irrelevant to this post, soooooooo lets move on to my haul. Honestly there’s so much to share I don’t know where to start.

Lets start with samples!

Above there is samples of there light weight creams, skin perfectors with SPF and their BB creams. Out of the products I’ve used the BB creams more than anything, when ever I’m in store or just had a facial with them I insist to use their BB cream before I leave. Its lightweight and subtle. If you have a very pink face like myself but don’t want heavy foundation, get this.

Day and night oil

Daily Reviving Concentrate and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.
The Day and Night oils are two of Kiehl’s signature products, these both are really lightweight and don’t sit on your skins like most oils, they just sink straight in and get working.

Rose Artica


Rosa Arctica
I’ve not tried this product yet, this is in the large sample size. I’m really excited to try this out.

Line-reducing concentrate

Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate 
This light weight anti-aging cream is used for reducing wrinkles and pores. I look like a 12 year old so I’ve not really tried this yet, but I’m going to see if my mum could review it for me.


Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove hand creams, I must have at least 10 different brands and creams upstairs. I’m excited to try this out.


Deluxe Hand and Body Lotion  


Orange Flower and Lychee Body Cleanser 
So excited to try this, I adore the the Orange Flower and Lychee Perfume they do, so no doubt I will love this.


Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque 
This is so brightening, I tried it in store and my skin had this glow that it never has. It is very pricey compared to other face masks, normally Lush are my go to for face masks, but I fell in love with this the moment I tried it.

Thank you again Kiehl’s for how amazing you are. I’m so excited to review these and keep hoarding products.

Have you tried Kiehl’s? Whats your favourite product by them?

billie xox

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Paperchase Mini Haul

Guys, I have a problem. Its a serious sickness, so much money each month goes down the drain on these. I am a Diary addict. I have more planners and diaries than sense. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I have just got a personal planner but obviously that is not enough. Any way back to the point of this post.

I somehow got blown in to Paperchase and somehow bought more diarys.


I bought a Travel Journal which hopefully will keep organised for all of my adventures I have coming up this year! This will be perfect for my adventure in  Amsterdam! This gem was £8 and I’ve got to go back and get my sister one now.


You may or may not know that I feel run down a lot and what helps bring me round is thinking about all of my achievements, I got this diary as I can clearly list them and the progress to achieving them. Hopefully this will help me when I’m feeling down and if not for £8 its not bad so I can keep record of memories.


I am as organised as I can be but I don’t think anything is as powerful as a to do list! I am following this today and I’ve wrote 2 blog posts already as well as all my chores! For £4 its a must!


I bought a few more things and you will be seeing them very soon! You’ll know its them when I the post is up trust me!

Are there any other things you recommend I buy? What are your weaknesses when shopping?

Billie xox

Since you’ve been gone!

Hello my lovely readers… (hi mom)

I bet you are wondering why I’ve had such a long break, where I’ve been or what happened to Hopefully if I don’t end up rambling for a million characters I will answer these questions. I will start with the fall of

it all started going down hill when I started a full time job working at the other side of my city. i travelled for an hour and half each way and worked for 9 hours. Originally I wrote posts on the bus but as the days went on i lost my enthusiasm. I still tried to post but it became less and less frequent. I tried to hold a bloggers event to get myself back in the spirit, it all went well but nothing relit my love for my blog. It continued this way up until June where I left working at a doctors surgery and started working in recruitment. This job is close to home, but I really couldn’t get myself back into it. I then became single, but this will be a whoooooole different post (read about it here).

Then in august tragedy struck, I loved my self hosted blog. I was going to pay for it to be renewed but the cost was 8 times what I originally payed. In a panic I deleted what was on That was that. I completely lost all my love for blogging.

In recent weeks things have been going downhill at work, and I have been feeling really down about it. I’ve wanted a creative outlet again. So the bitch is back.

Billie xox

May Favourites

Okay so it is a few days into June and I think it’s time to assess my May. So for you dear reader I would like to share my monthly favourites! Yes I know I am jumping on the blogger tradition bandwagon here but it’s a fun thing to do and gives you, the reader a chance to know me better!

TV Shows:
The Island with Bear Grylls has quickly become my favourite TV show. I love seeing how we the modern day human cope by being sent to an island with nothing but a one day survival course, some knives and cameras, I think it is absolutely amazing! I Can’t wait for season 2!


I also have caught up with the rest of world and started watching Game of thrones. I’m two seasons in no spoilers please.

I’ve been to see Xmen: Days of Future Past and oh my god! It was amazing, I love all marvel movies and most importantly I love Hugh Jackman (don’t tell my boyfriend…) but you have to appreciate the beauty of what is Jennifer Lawrence. Isn’t she fabulous? I love everything about this film, I recommend this to everybody. Go see it! The story, the acting and the effects are amazing.


Make up:
As you know I recently ordered some make up from E.L.F and I did a review of the foundation. I also got some Translucent Matifying Powder and I love it! It is so light on your skin, and gets rid of any shininess. This product it the ultimate finishing to any look.


My favourite is a new youtuber and an not so new blogger, I’m obviously on about the beautiful Kerry Provenzano. You can find this beauty blogger on YouTube by searching for Kerralina haul’ or you can find her by clicking these links!

I have really high hopes for a blog that a friend of mine has started, She has only done a couple of posts but I have high expectations of her and I expect her to become a very popular blogger. I am on about Hannah from

Nick Nacks:
My Yankee candle in Summer Scoop, is without a doubt the best thing ever. That is all…