Moschino Fresh Couture

On my flight back from Barcelona the evil airport tricked me in to buying thing again! Doesn’t it understand that I am broke? How dare it… Anyway I can clean away the badness of this with Moschino Fresh Couture! My latest perfume purchase is disguised as a bottle of window cleaner. I can hide this away so no one will know I went shopping.

Like the name says, this is a very fresh smelling perfume with a slight fruitiness to it. It’s a really light perfume, its an amazing day time wear. Its not too heavy or strong, its subtle but lasts all day for work.

Billiecam 270.JPG

Although the whole appearance of the bottle is very much a gimmick, it’s a very cute and quirky bottle. However I did find a few things Moschino could have improved on, take notes Moschino. While looking like it has a squeeze-y spritz-y thing like cleaning products have, you need to turn the squeezer until it comes off to reveal a normal press down sprizter. That was phrased in a very Billie way, so if you don’t quite understand what I mean is that its a shame it doesnt spray from the top of the bottle.  It would have been 300 times cooler you didn’t have to take off the top to spray it.

Also the price, its like £50 for 50mls, I got it in duty free so it was a little cheaper for me, I kind of feel like its a lot to pay for a gimmick. While I have my qualms about this product, I do really enjoy how it looks and I think the fragrance is perfect for my day to day life, I shouldn’t complain really.

What do you think of this product? What is your favourite perfume.

billie xox

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Dear John Review

When body spray, Dear John, meets an idealistic blogger, it’s the beginning of a strong love. Over the next seven tumultuous weeks and separated by Billies increasingly busy lifestyle, they stay in touch only a couple of times a day with quick spritz. However their correspondence triggers unforeseen consequences.  I hope I can’t get done for plagiarism with this, Melania Trump, please don’t steal the summary of the film Dear John in your next speech.


For £15 you too could own this amazing unisex body spray and live out a similar story like the one above. This is your typical Lush product, its a little different and its amazing. In the typical body spray bottle, this perfume is anything but typical.  This is a really earthy scent, its a little smokey and a little fruity. Its a fantastic mix. It’s also vegan and you can get this product in a naked solid form which is actually better for the environment.

What is your favourite perfume?

billie xox

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Nina L’Eau Nina Ricci perfume

Throwback to Amsterdam really quick, when I was in the airport for my return flight I were determined to buy a perfume. I must have spent 20 minutes smelling everything in the store until I found the one. I bought the Nina L’Eau  by Nina Ricci perfume, which I have decided to make my smell of summer.


While costing £37 for a 50 ml bottle, a little will go a long way. This scent to Nina is very long lasting and sweet. It’s a very soft sweet smell though, some sweet perfumes make me sneeze, but this is perfectly balanced. If I was a more poetic writer I would say its light, sweet and romantic. When I say long lasting, I mean long lasting, I spritz a little on in the morning and I still catch a whiff of it in the evening.


The packaging is truly adorable. The bottle is a cute little apple, that is slightly tinted pink. The detailing is subtle and gorgeous. Nina is by far the prettiest perfume I have ever owned.


I am massively obsessed with the perfume, I am proud to say this will be the scent of my summer maybe even of the year. I have been completely blown away by this product, I will be definitely re-buying this when it runs out.

What perfume are you wearing/loving right now? Would you like more posts like this?

billie xox

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Review: Marc Jacobs Honey

If you live in the UK you may have just celebrated mothers day, a great day for any mum to get present. My mum shares my obsession with Marc Jacobs perfumes, She has stolen all of mine. So I started buying her own. For Mothers day I got her the Marc Jacobs Honey perfume set.  Obviously I had to trail them, just in case…

018 (2)


I really liked the packaging, I thought it was very cute and summery. Like all Marc Jacobs perfumes the bottle is very bold and eye catching. I love the little bee figures on the bottle. I really liked the little roll on perfume, often in sets you get shower gels which neither mum or myself like. The roll on is very handy, its small and portable it’s perfect to pop in your handbag!

019 (2).PNG

Personally I thought the perfume would smell a little like honey or something. It really surprised me that it didn’t,  however it smells quite sweet. So I think its honey inspired because of its sweet floral scents. When you first spray the perfume it is very strong, but it’s nice and will last you all day. I have found that you do need to top it up maybe once if you are wearing it all day.

This scent if definitely one for warm weather, but its good for any occasion. I can guarantee now that come summer time I will have stolen this from my mum!

020 (2).PNG

The body lotion however I’m not sure of how moisturising it actually is, the lotion is very perfume-y while that not been a problem, my skin easily dries out. So the lotion is not something I will be trying to steal back from my mum?

Have you tried Marc Jacobs Honey? What did you think

Billie xox