Dear John Review

When body spray, Dear John, meets an idealistic blogger, it’s the beginning of a strong love. Over the next seven tumultuous weeks and separated by Billies increasingly busy lifestyle, they stay in touch only a couple of times a day with quick spritz. However their correspondence triggers unforeseen consequences.  I hope I can’t get done for plagiarism with this, Melania Trump, please don’t steal the summary of the film Dear John in your next speech.


For £15 you too could own this amazing unisex body spray and live out a similar story like the one above. This is your typical Lush product, its a little different and its amazing. In the typical body spray bottle, this perfume is anything but typical.  This is a really earthy scent, its a little smokey and a little fruity. Its a fantastic mix. It’s also vegan and you can get this product in a naked solid form which is actually better for the environment.

What is your favourite perfume?

billie xox

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8 Gifts For The Coffee Lover In Your Life

It’s now November and who know how long it could be until I actually post this, it might even be January by the time I get round to posting. It is time to start worrying about Christmas, what to get people? Over my next few posts I will be exploring what quirky gifts you can buy the special people in your life. Let us start off with gifts for the Coffee Lover!

For the friend who is so caffinated they always see the stars

Firebox Star Mug

For the person who is passionate about their coffee
Fucking Love Coffee Firebox

For the people who like to be cosy
Not on the High Street Cosy mugs

For the subscription box lover
Handpicked cafe direct coffee

For the traveller
Travel mug

For the Ninja
Ninja Mug

For emergencies

For the people who are open to interpretation
I miss Drugs

I hope you enjoy this series on the run up to Christmas. Now go a have a decaf!

Billie xox