Summer Must Haves From Lush

Last week we had sun in the UK.  We had sun, it was freaking hot. I loved it. I’m going to be showing you my favourite Lush products for the summer. I’m completely leaving out sun creams and SPF’s from this post for a couple of reasons.

1, I’m pretty much dead, I’m so pale and I don’t tan or burn.
2, I don’t much about SPF’s and I don’t want to recommend a product that I don’t fully understand.

Let’s get on with the products now I’ve got that cleared up. We’re going to go through the products in the order I would use these as well, this is so organised for me.

Yuzu and Cocoa
This shower cream smells like chocolate orange, its refreshing and it really lifts my mood.


Life’s a Beach
I like to mix a little bit of this in with Yuzu and Cocoa to exfoliate so my skin is extra smooth and soft. My biggest concern when I bought this is would it block the drain, but since using this I’ve found that because it is all natural products that it is fine, for the drains and environment. Thought I’d throw in some shade here at microbeads.


Karma Kream
Lets get real here, I hate the smell of this, I don’t know what it is. Its really heavy and strong and not summery. The reason I recommend this product for the summer is how amazing for the skin all of the ingredients are. I suffer with eczema and dry skin, its worse in the summer than any other time of the year and this product is so moisturising I couldn’t not include it. Karma Kream is my go to summer moisturiser, I use it at night before I go to bed. Its cooling for these warm nights then it works its wonders while I sleep. By morning my skin is soft and the smell has faded.


Breath of Fresh Air 
Toner is a must all year round. Breath of Fresh Air is fantastic for the summer because a quick spritz removes swear and dirt from your skin while its cooling. Its so refreshing on a warm day. I use this in the morning and before I go to sleep to clean my pores.



Aaaaaaaand thats it for my favourite summer products from Lush. What are your summer must haves?

billie xox


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Dear John Review

When body spray, Dear John, meets an idealistic blogger, it’s the beginning of a strong love. Over the next seven tumultuous weeks and separated by Billies increasingly busy lifestyle, they stay in touch only a couple of times a day with quick spritz. However their correspondence triggers unforeseen consequences.  I hope I can’t get done for plagiarism with this, Melania Trump, please don’t steal the summary of the film Dear John in your next speech.


For £15 you too could own this amazing unisex body spray and live out a similar story like the one above. This is your typical Lush product, its a little different and its amazing. In the typical body spray bottle, this perfume is anything but typical.  This is a really earthy scent, its a little smokey and a little fruity. Its a fantastic mix. It’s also vegan and you can get this product in a naked solid form which is actually better for the environment.

What is your favourite perfume?

billie xox

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Nina L’Eau Nina Ricci perfume

Throwback to Amsterdam really quick, when I was in the airport for my return flight I were determined to buy a perfume. I must have spent 20 minutes smelling everything in the store until I found the one. I bought the Nina L’Eau  by Nina Ricci perfume, which I have decided to make my smell of summer.


While costing £37 for a 50 ml bottle, a little will go a long way. This scent to Nina is very long lasting and sweet. It’s a very soft sweet smell though, some sweet perfumes make me sneeze, but this is perfectly balanced. If I was a more poetic writer I would say its light, sweet and romantic. When I say long lasting, I mean long lasting, I spritz a little on in the morning and I still catch a whiff of it in the evening.


The packaging is truly adorable. The bottle is a cute little apple, that is slightly tinted pink. The detailing is subtle and gorgeous. Nina is by far the prettiest perfume I have ever owned.


I am massively obsessed with the perfume, I am proud to say this will be the scent of my summer maybe even of the year. I have been completely blown away by this product, I will be definitely re-buying this when it runs out.

What perfume are you wearing/loving right now? Would you like more posts like this?

billie xox

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Review: Marc Jacobs Honey

If you live in the UK you may have just celebrated mothers day, a great day for any mum to get present. My mum shares my obsession with Marc Jacobs perfumes, She has stolen all of mine. So I started buying her own. For Mothers day I got her the Marc Jacobs Honey perfume set.  Obviously I had to trail them, just in case…

018 (2)


I really liked the packaging, I thought it was very cute and summery. Like all Marc Jacobs perfumes the bottle is very bold and eye catching. I love the little bee figures on the bottle. I really liked the little roll on perfume, often in sets you get shower gels which neither mum or myself like. The roll on is very handy, its small and portable it’s perfect to pop in your handbag!

019 (2).PNG

Personally I thought the perfume would smell a little like honey or something. It really surprised me that it didn’t,  however it smells quite sweet. So I think its honey inspired because of its sweet floral scents. When you first spray the perfume it is very strong, but it’s nice and will last you all day. I have found that you do need to top it up maybe once if you are wearing it all day.

This scent if definitely one for warm weather, but its good for any occasion. I can guarantee now that come summer time I will have stolen this from my mum!

020 (2).PNG

The body lotion however I’m not sure of how moisturising it actually is, the lotion is very perfume-y while that not been a problem, my skin easily dries out. So the lotion is not something I will be trying to steal back from my mum?

Have you tried Marc Jacobs Honey? What did you think

Billie xox

Vacanze Italiane Swimwear – Review

I was recently sent a beautiful bikini by Wendy from PR Genie, which came from an Italian brand David swimwear which most products are available to buy now online; and

Their products are lovely! A bit on the pricey side for an unemployed blogger such as myself, but they are amazing. The fabric is so soft; it doesn’t feel like swimwear fabric at all! The closest description of the fabric is silk like! I’m about to say something very strange but I like stroking my face against the bikini. It’s that good! They are from the brand , to be specific, I’ve seen on some websites they still sell the one pieces in the same style as my bikini, but mine is no longer for sale, It was only made available to me to be reviewed. Blogger perks whoop!

I unfortunately did find a couple of personal flaws in my bikini, I am quite busty and the top feels too small for me, however I can tell that it does fit me enough, I won’t be accidentally flashing anyone in Spain! Thank god!

The Bikini is reversible; I can either have stripes or an oriental pattern, both of which are adorable! I prefer the oriental pattern the most though. It’s just cuter and more original.
You can also make adjustments to the bikini its self, you can take the padding out if that’s your thing. Also because you can tie it, it can fit slightly larger or smaller sizes!

Here is more information on the brand;
“The David Swim family is split into three groups – a young, dynamic range called “David Fashion”; a sophisticated shaping selection called “David Solutions” (featuring body sculpting tummy control) and “David Iconique” which is a range of cover ups and kaftans, designed to buy with the swimwear or on its own as beach accessories. 

Available for the first time this year is the Solutions range which ensures that women who feel they need a little extra control in their swimwear don’t feel they have to compromise on style. The control swimwear from David will be designed to look the same as the non-control collection including all design and embellishment detail whilst using special fabrics to help shape the wearer.”

I personally think this brand is really good, other than the booby problems I think it’s amazing, I can’t wait to wear it on holiday! Unfortunately I don’t have a camera that does the bikini justice, I will upload one after my holiday, In the mean time I will share pictures of the bikini that I was sent before I was given my new addition to my swim wear hoard!

ImageImage Please enjoy the pretty lady wearing the bikini while looking faint… Burn…

If you think David Swimwear is your thing you should check them out on their websites at the top of the page! Tell me if you’ve ever bought any of their products?

Strawberry Margarita

Things you will need –

2 glasses of crushed ice
1/2 cup strawberry puree
2 shots of tequila
1 limes, juiced
Shot of Grenadine
Soda water, varied amounts
Cocktail shaker
Shot glasses
Cocktail stirrer
Fellow alcoholic so you can drink with friends

How to do the thing –

Pour tequila in to the cocktail shaker, along with the lime juices, strawberry puree and shake. Once mixed pour in the grenadine and shake once again, then pour on top of the crushed ice which should half fill the glass, fill the remainder of the cup with soda water then stir with a cocktail stirrer.


Ta da! It’s done and it is lovely! This is a refreshing summer drink and it’s my favourite cocktail.
This is my personal perfect summer drink!


Have you tried my recipe? What did you think?

Summer must haves for 2014

If you’re like me you’ll have been trying to figure out what your summer must haves are, and although I don’t have all the answers I have some, which are ingenious and fashionable.

First most you’ll need sun cream – for the obvious reason so you can have the traditional sticky summer feeling while looking after to your skin. Duh.

Secondly you’ll need the ultimate summer shoes – Jelly shoes they are comfortable, nostalgic and practical if you live anywhere but England. I got mine from Ark I’ve got a pair of black glittery jellies that cost £10.99 and then I got some clear healed jellies that cost me £16.99. They are fabulous. Also they make me taller which is great if your 5ft1 like me. I can’t reach many shelves in my house which has resulted in me drinking alcohol from mugs…


And, you need a cool hat. This will make you look more beautiful than you can actually understand. Take mine as and example have you ever seen anything so glamorous? They also keep the sun off of your face…




And finally you’ll need a large coat because I live in England and our summers literally last like 2 weeks. I’m mostly joking – you’ll probably need some sunlight, no offense babe, you’re looking a tad pale. Says the girl who physically can’t get a tan…